The Irony & Metaphor of Life

The Irony & Metaphor Of Life

Life is not something that can be understood, it can only be lived through the irony of what it is and the metaphor that it leads us to. ~ Siraj

I have long since given up the idea of understanding Life. Most of my life in this world has been a huge experiment in irony and metaphor and I have only been able to experience Life as Love through irony and metaphor. Looking back, I cannot see…looking forward, I cannot understand. So I sit in the irony of it all as the metaphor of my existence.

From my earliest days on this earth, I have had this “feel” that I was here to find that which is…JUST THIS! When I was a child it all began with a cherished devotion to know my source and through my journey of living I found that in the irony that life presents, there was a profound metaphor that led me to move my body to India and discover the true meaning of myself upon the living I was experiencing as Gregory. In essence, I was seeking the Being that lived within me…and everyone else.

Everyone who seeks truth through wisdom, escapes those things that destroy the spirits of men. ~ Jesus, from the Book of Thomas

In this world it is all about the irony of Love. Everything I offer is an invitation to a quest that cannot be fulfilled through this world. We live in a world that is full of Life and the irony is that we live our life as if it were limited only to this world. Living this way, we miss the metaphor of our entire existence.

We are more than a body, we are more than raiment and we are far more than our thoughts. But who can teach us this? Most people can only be “taught” what appeals to what they believe they already “know.”

Thinking from a literal, self-serving mind leaves no room for the irony that would offer the Truth and eventual metaphor that reveals how to live this Truth through our life. Many are far too busy being “right” in their “knowing” to be able to hear or experience the “pauses and gaps” between their assumptions…which would reveal the authentic Being they truly are.

The Parable Of The Salt Ant And The Sugar Ant

There were two mountains and there were ants living on each. One was a mountain of sugar and the other of salt.

One day, an ant from the sugar mountain went to visit an ant on the mountain of salt. After trying the salt, which was not to her taste, she said to the other ant: “Why don’t you come up to my place? Then you will see what delicious food is available there.”

So, the salt-fed ant went to the other mountain but, not being sure of getting enough good food, she took some along in reserve and held a particle of salt in her mouth.

When she tasted the sugar, because she had salt in her mouth, she said: “I don’t find much difference between your stuff and mine.”

Then the other ant said, “Perhaps you are holding something of your own within. Get rid of that and I am sure you will see for yourself that the taste of my food is good.”

When she did this the salt-fed ant never went back to her mountain of salt again.

In original nature there is no this and that. The great Round Mirror has no likes or dislikes. ~ Seung Sahn

Most people would never spit out their “salt” for the sake of the “sugar.” The irony to them is not worth the metaphor. They are filled with a pride that will not allow them to move into the sweetness of Love. To stand in the bitterness of hate and fear as a “victor” or a “victim” is far more emotionally gratifying than to live in the humility that would allow for Love.

They have become so deeply bonded with the emotional body, which produces so much misery and Karma in this world, they think they need a certain amount of hate and fear to sustain the lifestyle they have surrounded themselves with and have become accustomed to. Therefore, life is more about gathering evidence for sustaining emotional gratification, in all of its forms, than it is to awaken.

But Karma has its way with all of this and eventually will play out through direct life experiences. Typically, most people are surprised about what occurs in their living. They think of it all as being “unfair.” But spiritual indifference has its price and until they are willing of something greater than their self-serving thoughts and desires, their life will be nothing but a cul-de-sac of frustration.

Only through irony do we hear the metaphor of Truth. Listen without prejudice and you will know that which cannot be ``known.`` ~ Siraj

Practice the ONLY DON’T KNOW attitude

The intelligent person realizes that perception is NOT reality - step away from preconceived judgments and morals that tell you what is “right`` and ``wrong”

Let go of “good`` and ``bad” as well...and discover something new being born within you

Recognize the irony that brings insight into the life you are creating through daily living - from here, much can happen

Awaken to the compassion that allows for forgiveness - from here, your life can begin again with a sense of consciousness as your new lifestyle

  • Michael Eidsmoe
    Posted at 20:55h, 25 July Reply

    Don’t believe the mind. The mind lies for its own survival. Keep doubting it.
    Thank you.

  • Alfrieda Wilkins
    Posted at 05:41h, 26 July Reply

    Helpful reminders.

  • Mary
    Posted at 06:26h, 26 July Reply

    Thanks for the reminder to “spit out the salt “
    To live Love

  • Sangit
    Posted at 06:41h, 26 July Reply

    Thank you for your loving reminder on this day.

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