relationship with life

Relationship With Life

Everyone is the creator of their own fate, even their fetal life is affected by the dynamics of the works and people they were in prior existence. ~ Krishna

There are Laws in effect in this world that we know little or nothing about. One of them is the Yin and Yang of energetics, the Law of opposite forces that are interconnected in this worldly life. These forces interrelate to one another as pure life energy. Most people see can only see this as duality, such as “friends and foes.”

The word “friend” is devoid of the ability to have relationship. By befriending a person we also, at the same time, energetically create a disconnection with those who might be of a different quality of consciousness. By not segregating our energies and our attentions to “friends,” we do not create “foes”…and we enter into a dynamic system of consciousness that allows us to rise to energies that sustain Love. This consciousness allows us to enter into a unifying relationship with Life itself.

When we are no longer interested in the separation of those we “like” from those we “dislike” due to some supposed “mutual affection,” we come to a place where we can experience the very essence of RELATIONSHIP. There is far more to this than our human emotional bias can understand. We must realize that “emotions” are not fit partners to live for, with or by. This is a hard insight for many to come to terms with. Most cannot conceive of living without emotional obsession. What would we be left to? What would we “love” with and what would we “hate” for?

The very breath of human nature changes and we find our oxygen from another source. This is the exact essence of an authentic spiritual practice. ~ Siraj

It is all about finding that rare air that lives not only all around us, but within us all. This is why many are called to the practice of meditation, but few choose to immerse themselves into its heights through inner depth.

There are people who come to us to show us many aspects of our own life and the meaning of our lifetime! These people can appear as “strangers,” as “friends” and, of course, as “foes.” But when we classify people through our human preferences, we breath in the rancid air of the collective unconscious and, hence, are choked by the odor of its hate and fear. From here, we miss the meaning of those who come before us.

When the energy of Being has been refined through the practice of forgiveness as a lifestyle, we breathe the oxygen of compassion and live in the air of mercy that allows us to accept everyone and everything…just as they are. It is here that everyone appears as messengers from the hand of the unknown. This is deeply important to our inner maturity and serves humankind as we become a “peacemaker,” which this world so desperately needs.

What if our greatest enemy was the catalyst to climb higher mountains within ourselves in order to have a more conscious and meaningful life in Love? ~ Siraj

We have all had our messengers from the other shore in our lifetime. These people come to us oftentimes to betray us and annoy us. They come to show us what we have made of our emotional state and how useless it is to try to live from it or even try to change its nature. Hence, when one of these “messengers” shows up in our life we look at them as “strangers” or “foes” who have come to oppose our “values” system and beliefs about our own “self.”

It matters not what form these entities of Love take through this earthly experience. We must not be fooled by the appearance of it all, but rather learn to listen to what they are teaching and showing us. It is important to realize the gestalt of our relationships through intuition. The language that is used is in proportion to our willfulness. For the willful person who is set in their ways, the language will be very direct and often “insulting.” For the more “seasoned” person full of willingness, the language will be in proportion to the compassion they are available to. In simple words: We Get What We Have Become.

We must always be aware that, at any moment, a Being from the other shore could be standing right in front of us, in the only form that we can tolerate, with a message that is deeply important for our well-being and spiritual maturity. ~ Siraj

It is foolish to miss this due to insult. Our life and lifetime are nothing less than a series of events through which we can move into higher states of consciousness through every person who enters into our life.

Every person brings with them the chance to recognize! Recognize what? That is exactly the meaning of the person…and our life. Some people come into our life to help us recall the energies that are seeking to awaken seeds previously planted within us from other lifetimes. Whomever is before us is living within us in some way. Never be fooled by age, appearance or words. Something is always trying to happen in order to move us along in our life experience to the state of Love and kindness.

It is very important to become “teachable” – to become available for our Karma to reach us and teach us. It is Karma that is trying to bring us to the place where we can realize the message that is beyond the medium of this earthly existence. This is why Jesus talked about the fact that his “Kingdom” was not of this world. He, like other Masters, could recognize who was before him. Everyone in our life is doing their life…hence, we are all missing each other for the sake of agendas that have nothing to do with Love.

Everything we need in this lifetime is given to us in order to live more consciously. The essence of this is to not miss a single moment of opportunity to deepen and ripen by discounting anyone or anything as mere routine occurrences. Never allow yourself to become impervious to the simplicity of Life. Live each moment with people as if you are being taught the inner way of your own life. This is of utmost importance.

The intelligence of Life is deeply amazing - through relationship with LIFE and each other we become available to experiences designed to awaken us to Love. ~ Siraj

Really listen to the people that come into your life - from the people that you live with to the people that you deal with

Keep asking yourself: ``WHAT ARE THEY SHARING WITH ME?``

Do not accept any “answer” the mind conjures up - keep looking deeper and deeper beyond the mind’s affirmations and theories

Within every person is the meaning of your own message - keep at it as if your life depended upon it…BECAUSE IT DOES!

  • Mary
    Posted at 05:16h, 01 August Reply

    Once again, you bring a message to show what is really important in this lifetime….
    Seeing the bigger picture..
    In deep Gratitude

  • Sangit
    Posted at 06:01h, 02 August Reply

    “…blessed are the peacemakers…” Thank you, dearest Siraj.

  • Michael Eidsmoe
    Posted at 06:53h, 02 August Reply

    Everyone is a teacher.
    Thank you.

  • Paul
    Posted at 06:42h, 10 August Reply

    Thank you Greg. I hear but have trouble changing. ☮️

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