Hypocrisy: The Evil In Our Good

Hypocrisy: The Evil In Our Good

Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction. ~ Blaise Pascal

There is no greater evil than that of hypocrisy. Hypocrisy runs the gamut in the human experience from pretense to just down right deceit. So I feel it will be helpful to look at our hypocrisy and how it pertains to our sense of “good” to perhaps cast a small light upon the value of spiritual insight.

Most religions merely meander around political and social morals as mere hypothetical ideals that sustain a self-styled form of civility throughout any given culture. Inflating self-esteem through the denial of our subtle and even blatant shortcomings is the whole effort of those who are engaged in religious, social and political orders.

It seems that taking responsibility for those times when we injure others through our own glaring spiritual ignorance and brazen neglect is often relegated to the mechanism of “spin” (self-serving lies) in order to establish some sort of fabricated, rationalized “innocence.” This rationalization engorges the Karma that will follow us for many lifetimes in the form of humiliation and sorrow until we come to understand the nature of our hypocrisy.

To those who claim to be religious or spiritual, Buddha, Jesus and Lao-tzu voiced the teachings that warn against such hypocrisy. ~ Siraj

In fact, all Masters warn against hypocrisy. While Buddha spoke of hypocrisy in very simple ways as a matter of simple common sense – Jesus, on the other hand, was absolutely ardent on the subject.

Both Buddha and Jesus had profound similarities within their teachings that related to the direct path to Love. They both offered life-altering mystical experiences that would change the course of the human experience for those who could “hear” their teachings and were “called” from within to abide within them as a lifestyle.

Both Masters inspired movements of spiritual means whereby the laymen could come and begin their inner journey toward mystical Love through the beautiful teachings that emulated from Buddha and Christ nature. Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) did this through Hinduism and Jesus, through Judaism. But there is one very important difference between the two Masters. Jesus was truly the people’s Rabbi (teacher) – a man who challenged and defied the social and political premise of his day – whereas Buddha was not as he did not live under the direct influence of any government.

Our ‘evil' is living in contempt of Love. ~ Siraj

More than anything else in our life, hypocrisy is the “evil” that quite literally chains us to a Karma that produces nothing but repetitive, painful lifetimes.

When we knowingly do not “practice what we preach” and do so with an enormous sense of pride and an assumed sense of being elite, we are being hypocritical. The “evil” is not just in our actions, but also in willfully knowing what we are doing and justifying our behavior through falsely manufactured self-righteousness. This produces what is called: EVIL.

The energy of this “evil” manifests through fear as an inordinate desire to gain some distinctive satisfaction or significance without any consideration for the havoc and harm it will cause. As this hypocrisy (“evil”) grows, we attempt to sanitize it through politically-correct social behaviors and/or dull our awareness of it through sex, food, drugs and alcohol whereby a chemical change is induced to help mask the pain of the self-induced delusional fears that grip our psyche.

The 'evil' in our 'good' occurs when we live to amass self-righteous gratification as our sole purpose for living. ~ Siraj

When we “do good” for selfish intent or some hidden agenda that pertains to the fulfillment of our own desires, we create more Karma in order to show us the “evil” in our ways. We have all felt this in our lives…so many are filled with guilt and shame caused by the corrupt or insincere intent of their actions.

Through the self-righteousness of our hypocrisy (“evil”) it is easy to see the faults of others and criticize them without ever realizing that in the recognition of the faults of others, we are really seeing our own dark side reflected back to us. How we criticize others for what they do merely enacts more Karma in our lives.

Learning how to recognize all of this can create a profound compassion in us as a way to insight Love and alleviates the need for Karma to enact itself in our lives. This compassion allows us to do many loving things with a deep sense of respect to the laws of Karma while, at the same time, honoring the essence of Love that we all truly are.

What is done out of Love always takes place beyond good and evil. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

To live, move and have our being in Love is what life is all about.

If we step back and simply watch life, allowing Love to live through us as a matter of inner silence, we become HUMBLE enough to recognize the True as true and the False as false. All of this lies within us as the state of consciousness, which allows us to self-realize that Truth appears when we simply stop pitting one concept against another in order to rationalize our “evil.” When we are willing to allow for everything to be as it is and not seek to apply human desire to anything, we enter the authentic Way.

In order to overcome our “evil,” we have only to become one with the All that is Life itself, unencumbered by fear and hate. This requires complete focus upon seeking oneness with the All that is life as Love. Life is energy – pure energy – and has nothing to do with acts and circumstances. All of these are mere transitory manifestations showing us the impermanence of our human lives. The effort is to become so completely and consciously focused upon the energy of Life that we awaken forces and energies within ourselves that have always existed within and all around us.

There is so much more to this life than our eyes can show us and our minds can think. We must endeavor to remain always open and allow everything to reveal its true nature. From here we find our place the Universe and realize how to live in harmony rather than ignorant resistance to Love.

We are not here to have everything we want - do not live from the “evil” of this dark side of human assumption and expectation

Practice being kind enough to separate the “intent” from the content

Observe your motives in giving, loving and forgiving to see if you are clear on what it is you are really doing

Seek beyond the indignant logic of self-righteousness and free yourself from the hypocrisy that haunts your living

The effort is to become whole and at ONE with the All - in no longer seeking the “good” over the “bad,” you become choice-less and allow Karma to reveal the Way of true Love

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    Posted at 15:08h, 16 August Reply

    Thank you Greg

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    Posted at 18:21h, 16 August Reply

    I keep asking: “Who is doing this?” Am I being nice or kind?
    Thank you Greg

  • Mary
    Posted at 22:05h, 16 August Reply

    In Gratitude for this message…..

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