Are You Willing To Get Out Of The Box?

Are You Willing To Get Out Of The Box?

Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods. ~ Albert Einstein

Life is not a matter of philosophy. Life encompasses the totality of us and we are NOT a philosophy. So if you and I are not a philosophy, then what are we?

  • Our bodies belong to science and its knowledge
  • Our minds belong to logic and reasoning, our psychology
  • Our human hearts belong to emotion and passion

Are we nothing but flesh, blood and bone, governed by emotion and a brain, that is only filled with a knowledge that can become obsolete at any moment?

We all have one thing in common: we all seek a truth that academic knowledge cannot support. ~ Siraj

Knowledge is about information, facts and skills that we acquire through education or training. Our minds like certain settings, guidelines and parameters so we know how to think and rationalize in order to convince ourselves that we know anything and everything through conventional belief.

Seeking “answers” to complications that are only prevalent due to what we think of as knowledge causes great havoc in our lives. What happens when life presents issues or situations that our knowledge, philosophy or religion cannot answer?

The difficulty with authentic Love is that it can never be made into a science or a philosophy…it is impossible to make it into any kind of knowledge. Life is about a Love that cannot be fathomed through the mind, the body or the emotions. Love is sufficient unto itself and stands alone as the embodiment and essence of life itself. This is very difficult for the average person to embrace.

Love is a state of consciousness that flows as music flows, as mathematics flow, from the common denominator of no-thing. ~ Siraj

Love, like life, is spontaneous – sometimes subtle, sometimes overt. Learning how to live within the disciplines that create the opportunity for Love to arise within us is the essence of a spiritual practice.

The willingness to experience authentic Love is realized only through the discipline of transcendence, which means we are willing to throw out everything we know for the sake of living in the unknown! For most people this is asking too much because they seek security in knowledge and are unwilling to have an experience that exceeds their emotional and psychological capacities.

So when does a person really become interested in the authentic nature of Love?

We know so little when we use our minds as a storehouse of knowledge. It is easy to become befuddled by knowledge, it is easy to become arrogant due to knowledge, and it is easy to think that knowledge is what our lives are all about.

The Heart offers many wonderful things to us as human beings and to our human experience. ~ Siraj

In truth, it is the authentic Heart that brings us to the meaning of life. And what is this “Heart?” It is the INEXPLICABLE aspect of our lives that runs the whole show. Most people think of the heart as being emotional, but emotions have nothing to do with the Heart.

  • The Heart offers us the chance to be “humiliated.” When we are sincere and deeply moved by beauty and kindness, humility becomes an oasis to soothe and heal our lives.
  • The Heart offers us the opportunity to surrender to a presence that is more Loving and Heartfelt.
  • The Heart makes us authentic through the realization that finding the nature of all things and learning to live in the nature of all things, as they are, is the authentic that makes life an extraordinary experience.

Most of our lives are spent trying to understand things that we cannot truly understand due to the restrictions of our knowledge. No matter what we cannot understand, we must drop our knowledge and prejudice to remain open, willing of a deeper view into something that has more meaning to it than our knowledge can fathom. Even the simple act of taking a morning walk can be an awakening experience to both the senses and the Heart.

It is in our emotional nature that we find our greatest sense of vulnerability…thus, our greatest weakness. Most of us try to shore this up with knowledge. We go out and try to be the “best we can be” at any given thing, which we think will give us a sense of self-worth. The value of YOU is found as LOVE and not in fulfilling your emotional needs.

Most of us equate the idea of surrender to defeat and resignation. The word surrender is not being used here as a form of “defeat,” but rather as a time of yielding to our authentic nature. How we live our lives is the prayer that is answered continuously throughout our daily living. Surrender is yielding to a place within that no longer seeks truth through arrogance, pride or the egotistical path of justified and self-righteous hatred – where we no longer identify with the ego as the “self” of us. The ego has a life of its own that we have given it. Our surrender must be to the Heart…never to hate.

Hate comes in many different forms in our lives, but the most popular form takes place within our own thinking. This hate is about what we think about ourselves in proportion to what is seemingly taking place in our own world. Most of our lives are spent trying to clean up messes we have made through the hateful pride of our own self-righteousness. In this world…truth, forgiveness, and mercy are not states of consciousness that are respected, nor sought after. As human beings we muddle around in various forms of hate trying to acquire a prejudiced idea of “justice,” which simply does not exist in any form on earth. The more justified we find our hateful thinking to be, the more Karma we make for ourselves in this world and the worlds to come.

When we truly meditate, beyond rational mind, and surrender to consciousness through mercy, we clearly realize that everything is happening as it needs to happen – that a certain principle has been set into motion by all who were involved to reach either great futility or great Love. To use hate to try to understand all of this is just another point of futility.

It’s not what you know, it is unknowing that matters most. ~ Siraj

So what is it that we really understand in this life? Most of us are about as philosophical as the last book we have read. We don’t consider the meaning of our lives nor do we seem to care that the life we live really has a tremendous significance.

We spend a great deal of time in our daily living trying to get things into our life that create a sense of security, comfort and ease…while trying to get things out of our lives that do not. Most of us have become nothing more than a series of habitual movements and obsessions, which are prevalent only because we are trying to escape some unforeseen pain or fear that we believe is real. Our lives are only as meaningful as any given fear we hoard as “reality” within us.

Our knowledge makes us stale and takes us away from the meaning of our lives. A great master once said, “You are that which you seek.” We can keep our lives fresh and wondrous by allowing for great mystery to arise, then learning how to play within it without needing to “control” it or “understand” it.

The wonder of the day is sufficient unto the moment that we are living in. ~ Siraj

We must live outside the small box of our mind. If our lives have become ugly it is not due to life or to trying to manipulate our circumstances and conditions in this world to a more pleasurable status. It is due to the fact that we have simply forgotten who we are, and hence, why we are here.

Dear ones…Let Life Live You.

Do not use knowledge to live Life. Life is beyond all knowledge – it is wondrous.

Pause for a moment - step back and see the magnificent world (state of being) that lives within you waiting to awaken you to the consciousness of Life

To awaken simply means to recognize the bigger picture of your life as Love

Meditate to create space within you where Love exists - not as a theory or an ideal, but as a way of life

The value of the authentic YOU is found in what you allow yourself to experience that is beyond the emotions and mind (knowledge)

A spiritual practice is about surrendering to the feel of the rhythm of Love - SEEK, FIND, GIVE...SEEK, FIND, GIVE...SEEK, FIND, GIVE…….

  • Michael Eidsmoe
    Posted at 13:35h, 11 October Reply

    Just be in wonder and gratitude
    Thank you Greg

  • Mary
    Posted at 20:56h, 11 October Reply

    Dearest Siraj,
    Thank you for showing the way out of the box….

  • Cathy
    Posted at 07:23h, 14 October Reply

    I love your posts and everything about Aspire!

  • Paul kampe
    Posted at 22:05h, 18 October Reply

    Thank you greg ☮️

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