Within to Without

Within To Without

One can know the world without leaving home, the Way can be seen without a window. ~ The Tao te Ching

What is the Tao te Ching? The Tao is the absolute principle underlying the universe, the blending of “yin” and “yang” (complimentary forces of “male” and “female”) that, when in harmony with each other, create the state of ONENESS. There is no greater power than the ONENESS found in this harmony as it flows with Life. The Tao is intrinsic to the nature of our Being and is the essence of a living beauty that flows from within and manifests into our human experiences.

In simpler terms, we are living in a world of energy. Everything is about energy and the quality of it. What appear to be opposite or contrary forces to the human perception are, in fact, interconnected and interdependent in the natural world. Our human eye based in literal-mindedness cannot detect this relationship, but when we become simple again, revert back to our authentic nature, we recognize how everything is acting a result of the Way of the Tao.

The human mind splits everything in order to create duality, which in turn renders us divided and confused. ~ Siraj

Everything is working in an order to create ONENESS…an order that we simply do not recognize. Oneness is harmony that allows us to live in the flow of the Tao. The effort is to avoid the duality caused by splitting everything into good/bad, right/wrong in order to create insight that can be very helpful, rather than hindsight that comes too late to help us.

We must learn how to let our minds become the sky and our thoughts the clouds that pass through the mind. These “clouds” are not the sky itself, they are just passing elements that do not change the quality and character of the sky. The sky is the sky and the “clouds” that pass through it are merely thoughts that come and go. When we no longer believe that the sky is the clouds and the clouds the sky, we come to a place where the “two” can become “one.”

Herein lies an important moment: when we no longer seek “understanding” as the way to think theoretically, we clear an inner space within the mind. All that is needed is the willingness to allow for a new mind – a mind that no longer pits one thought against another – a mind that becomes spacious enough to hold ONENESS as the ISNESS of Life itself. In this ONENESS we live detached from human desire, ambition and pride as a way of holding fear as the primer of our lifetime. We remain human, but without the need for separation from the whole of Life itself.

Oneness is simply the absence of fear. ~ Siraj

Typically, our minds create and process thoughts based in a self-preservation modality that overtakes our entire life and measures the importance of our lifetime from a survival mentality that was set into motion during our childhood and teen years. How to survive society through culture is the main means to the end for many people in this world. There is little or no sense of spiritual curiosity, much less insight.

The Tao is about living in the “IS” rather than living from environment or circumstances. It is about living within the balance of united Yin and Yang energies as ONENESS. This means that the dark of night is no less important than the light of day. We must learn to live beyond the violent disruption of our species and begin to use our organism for the advancement of Love rather than mere survival through brute force…to live beyond our DNA and cultivate energies that will change the way we experience Life in this world.

The sage knows himself, but makes no show of himself.
He loves himself, but does not exalt himself.
He prefers what is within to what is without. ~ The Tao Te Ching

There is a great difference between what is “within” and what appears to be the “without.” Within us all is the Way that liberates us to a profound sense of Love that unites us with the ONENESS that is Life. We are always seeking someone to “love” us or make us feel “loved.” We prefer the “without” over the “within.” This is why our living becomes a journey to nowhere and results in mediocrity and painful Karma that only serves to show us how foolish we can be with this beautiful life we have been given.

The Way is to realize the “within.” We all have this state of Life in our living. We can usher Life into our living by becoming less and less interested in the “proof” we believe we need in order to sustain the inner “faith” that lives within us. Our circumstances are not the evidence of our spiritual prowess. The verification of our spiritual intent is found in the compassion to recognize the “within” as the substantiation of the Love that we are.

When we become available for the Tao to touch us, a great Love becomes us - it is not the “love” of the world, it is the Love of Being. ~ Siraj

When we make the “within” as the “without” – when we are more interested in making the two into ONE – we mature into a place where the treasure of Love can be realized. There is a great and loving power within us all through which, if we are willing, something of the “other shore” can come into us and bring us the Light of Love. The only requirement: our willingness to move into ONENESS.

Activate your Yin and Yang by no longer living as if you are facing opposing forces

Live without engaging your emotions

Live without reacting through conflict and personal violence

Look deeply into everything and listen to what you “see``

Make the two into One...and live in the state of ONENESS within

  • Mary
    Posted at 04:33h, 29 November Reply

    In Gratitude
    In Love

  • Michael Eidsmoe
    Posted at 06:43h, 29 November Reply

    To stop dividing and fall into oneness.
    Thank you.

  • Johnny Chamblee
    Posted at 08:37h, 29 November Reply

    Thank you, Greg

  • Gloria Shaw
    Posted at 08:23h, 30 November Reply

    So grateful for your words.

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