The Heart of Christmas

The Heart Of Christmas

If your desires do not accord with your Spirit, sacrifice them...and you will come to the end of your journey. ~ Attar

The fantasy of “love” that the human heart conjures is not Love at all. It is a reaction from our emotional nature that simply provides gratification. That is it…nothing more.

This is all deeply rooted in our DNA, which is a result of the emergence of the human heart as the emotional drive of a lifetime. Our authentic value as a man or woman is never in consideration, for this requires a spiritual renaissance that transcends DNA. Few human beings are willing to evolve in this manner.

When we are worn out by the overkill of living emotionally and finally realize that the gratification of such festivals as Christmas are merely the indulgences of emotional gluttony, we begin to seek a deeper essence that the authentic Heart can offer to a lifetime. Being cynical at this time of year is also something we must be willing to pass through for it, too, is merely a form of emotional indulgence.

Christmas is about finding the real meaning of the Heart. ~ Siraj

To move beyond the emotional exaggeration of the idea of Christmas and into the Heart of its meaning spiritually is a very intelligent effort that helps the world by shifting our Karma into more powerful states of Being…as the very Heart of Life itself.

Karma is not here to punish us. It is here to lead us to the Heart of our life. Karma merely reveals how we are living with or without the presence of the Heart, and unveils to us the nature of our awareness (or non-awareness) and how we live, either consciously or from our unconscious mind.

Karma reveals to us the unseen Heart that exists behind all of our illusions. Hence, it offers us authenticity, which comes only from the Love that IS our authentic Being.

Christmas is little moments that occur every day in our lives. In its deepest form, Christmas allows for each moment to be the essence of Samsara where we can clearly realize the impermanence of ourselves in this world and stop the continuous cycle of birth, living, death, rebirth…over and over again.

Christmas is the authentic regeneration of our attentions to Love. ~ Siraj

The Heart of Christmas allows for the transformation of Love to breathe life into our Soul and cause a true metamorphosis to occur whereby we move away from the influence of emotion and into the sacredness of silence. This requires meditation, which surpasses time and transcends the fears of the past and the imagined future. When we no longer live in the wilds of emotion and fear, we find the Way of the Spiritual Heart.

What of the Spiritual Heart – what is it exactly? It is, as all great Masters have taught us, the  very essence of existence, where energies intersect within us as pure Love and the All lives within as pure energy through compassion and creativity.

The Spiritual Heart is the Source of Life and aligns us with everything in the Universe as perfect harmony. The human heart is very brittle due to its many fears and its constant need for indulgence and affection. The Spiritual Heart differs from the human heart as a solidified energy that lives within us as the throb and pulse of Life itself.

It cannot be compared to anything we have ever known through the mind. The Spiritual Heart is a direct experience with Love. To enter this space we must be willing to no longer indulge the desires of our human heart that only seeks to gratify the human being.

Through meditation we come to understand the difference between emotion and the authentic feel of our life through the Spiritual Heart. ~ Siraj

The time between Christmas and the New Year is a very special and unique space where elements of great change occur. It is where everything converges into an opportunity to merge the energies of the Spiritual Heart with the life we are living within now.

What we are really dealing with in this world is energy, not people.

To forgive those who, through Karma, have harmed us in past lives is a deeply significant measure of insight. The harm caused in the past through emotional anger and hate becomes energies that take their form as “people” who come back into our lives again seeking our forgiveness.

Everyone we have ever harmed comes back to us as an energy meant to reveal our own spiritual indifference. We are never dealing with that which the mind can hold. They have manifested back into our lives in one form or another due to energies we have not purged through an authentic spiritual practice.

The Spiritual Heart becomes obvious through the humility of forgiveness. ~ Siraj

It is in the humility of awareness through the presence of the Spiritual Heart that we realize the truth about our relationships with each other. None of them are by chance, nor should they ever be considered casual acquaintances.

At the level we live from in the energies of this world, it is certain that every person and every event is a divine rendezvous that has to do with some occurrence in a past life or in a parallel life that we are living somewhere in this vast cosmos.

Everything we are living right now has something to do with our energies and what we draw to ourselves over and over again.

Let this Christmas be the sweet awakening to the birth of the Spiritual Heart within.

The world can be turned over to that man who loves all people as he loves himself. ~ The Tao Te Ching

Valmiki was a great sinner, but was found by a great teacher who offered him the hand of intersection where Love could meet him and transform his entire life. Valmiki asked the teacher how he could purify himself of his sins.

The teacher, knowing how uneducated and undisciplined Valmiki was, told him merely: “Chant Rama a thousand times a day.” And while he was chanting he needed to forgive everyone whom he had hurt or robbed. The teacher knew this would bring out Valmiki’s true Heart.

Valmiki went to a solitary mountain and chanted and chanted. But in spite of his good will, he made a mistake and chanted Mara instead of Rama. Rama means God in Hindi and Mara means devil.

It happened that Valmiki mindlessly began chanting Rama, Rama, Rama and interchanged the word Mara for Rama. That’s how it happened – he was chanting so fast and he had never heard this name. It was almost an unknown language to him. He tried hard to remember but somehow he forgot and for years he just chanted Mara, Mara, Mara.

After years of chanting, Valmiki went back to the great teacher who immediately realized that the man was now pure – not only pure, he had become awakened.

Did you sing the sacred name?” the teacher asked.

“Yes, great one,” the ex-sinner answered, “for ten years every single day, thousands of times I have chanted Mara, Mara, Mara.”

The teacher burst into a laughter that shook the mountains. As his laughter, like a pebble in the lake, vibrated farther and wider into the cosmos, the great teacher took the ex-sinner into his arms.

“Your will to good, to do good, has saved you,” he said, “even though you chanted Mara, Mara, Mara millions of times – the name of the devil.”

The interesting aspect of this story is that the teacher asked Valmiki to forgive the people whom he has hurt. One would think that it would be the other way around. But in this case the teacher knew that Valmiki was without deep understanding and very emotional. To introduce him to the Heart, the teacher had to be very insightful and realize the Karma of Valmiki – that the people he robbed and murdered were past life energies that had harmed him before and that he was merely acting out of the guttural instincts of hate and fear from many a past life.

So much more is occurring in this lifetime than our minds could ever fathom because we have become so hard-wired into our emotions.

Use this blessed time to mature beyond the emotions of the human heart. May this Christmas be the sweet awakening to the birth of the Spiritual within.

Do not engage emotions or be manipulated but them...just WATCH them

Observe how superficial emotions are - how they misjudge everything that is going on as a sign of significance or self-work

Observe what you put others through to ``love`` you

Live Christmas as a way to allow Love to flow through you as a conduit

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    Thank you and have a Merry Christ Day.

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    Posted at 05:35h, 25 December Reply

    Dear Siraj, thank you for this beautiful teaching. Love to you.

  • Manisha
    Posted at 14:14h, 27 December Reply

    Beloved Siraj,
    In deep Gratitude for presenting Beyond the Beyond.

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