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``Only those who have attained to the Heart find the meaning of the Path to the Authentic.” ~ Siraj

Only a precious few can realize the significance of what Aspire offers because, like everything that is important, it is filtered through their emotional desires for appeasement and entertainment, thus rendering it minimal if not useless to the biased logic and reasoning of their unconscious mind.

Mass appeal matters not. I have found that a good litmus test of value and importance is: if the masses like it, or if they believe in it, there is a good chance that whatever it is, it is not something that they can take with them through death. I have found that most everything that is popular in our culture and society turns out to be trite and superficial.

Until you are willing of the state of Love within through spiritual awakening…nothing I offer will help you. I do not ask you to trust me. I do not ask you to believe me. I do not ask you to understand, as that would be impossible due to your human hardness of heart.

I simply ask you not to argue with me about all of this...just LISTEN. If you can LISTEN beyond what your emotions cannot contend with, there is a chance for something powerful to happen within you. ~ Siraj

Please LISTEN to me here for one moment. No matter what we may think or believe, the facts are apparent about the life we are living. Materia Medica cannot help us. Science is governed by politics, and hence we all have a shelf life for our health coverage and most of us will suffer due to inadequate healthcare. The government cannot and will not help us because it is merely a corporation that seeks only power and wealth. We are here to serve the government through taxes. Religion is full of fear, and hence is merely a form of authority to control those who can only function through the intimidation of fear and guilt. So where does leave us?

It leads us to the Heart. For it is only through the Heart that we find the blessing of Love. Love exceeds everything in this world. Impermanence is the law of this world and the human body is merely temporary transportation. Only Love is the eternal blessing of life that we can take with us through death. We must seek it above everything else by transcending our human emotional fear and anxiety. Nothing is more important.

Most people are too immersed in the collective unconscious to realize this and thus suffer by their own hand through their ruthless efforts to survive at all costs. This comes back to them over and over again as their Karma, which never ends until they have “paid back every last penny” through restitution – as Jesus taught, as Buddha showed us and as Lao-tzu pointed out.

Why argue? Just LISTEN… ~ Siraj

We are so easily manipulated by our emotions and how we have congregated them to form a seeming “defense” against the unpleasant and illogical. This causes our mind’s attentions to focus solely on the fear we create and a vicious cycle is born within, reducing our living down to the constant effort to merely alleviate fear through more and more emotionality. It is akin to the fallacy of “fighting for peace” – the futile logic of the masses. On and on this goes until we Karma ourselves out to such a degree that we must die and then begin again and again and again.

We “spend” our entire life and lifetimes merely rearranging our emotions to form new personalities. We move some fear over here and some hate over there…until we can no longer sustain the effort and unwittingly fall back into our original origins: the genetic patterns our parents bestowed upon us through their own genetics. We live divided by our emotionality to such a degree that we lose the ability to authenticate the difference between what is Love and what is hate.

To attempt to understand all of this is futile; to become aware of it is vital. ~ Siraj

To understand requires a pedestrian means of psychology that merely adopts a philosophy. To become aware through consciousness translates into waves of energy that awaken compassion and reveal a new mind, a no-mind, that is unencumbered by emotion.

We have two aspects to the architecture of our existence here on earth. The first is the human, comprised of genetics and DNA, which lives and breathes and “thinks” from emotionality and the fear it generates. The second is a no-mind presence that is aware and awake, completely separate from our pedestrian mentality, emotional indulgences and the irresponsibility of our genetic disposition.

When we are willing to set aside the logic and reasoning of the pedestrian mentality, we will find a brief flash of insight that comes in the form the mind cannot process. The effort here is to not allow the mind to attach to anything that it can tear apart through the emotionality of its reasoning. To allow for an empirical insight rather than a biased theory of pure logic. If you can allow for this without reconciling it through the mind’s rationale of fear and hate, you will perceive and understand what the mind cannot think.

We are Love. We are here to put Love ahead of hate. It really IS that simple.

Love has no perimeters, no boundaries and is accessible to all of us at all times. Love is pure, undaunted energy unrestrained by the characteristics of human morality. Love answers only to its own presence.

When we transcend the emotional fear within, our human ties to hate and death are forgotten

Devote your total attention to the essence of tone - imbibe and resonate with the tone of Love

LISTEN…“hear” what the Heart is revealing - receive it without interference from human compulsion

Nothing happens by accident, nothing is occurring as your mind thinks it is - it is ALL about Love

  • Manisha
    Posted at 19:45h, 28 January Reply

    Love is pure and simple…
    Thank you

  • Michael Eidsmoe
    Posted at 19:11h, 29 January Reply

    It really just is all about love

  • Flow Darling
    Posted at 07:24h, 30 January Reply

    All you need is LOVE…LOVE is all you need

  • Paul kampe
    Posted at 09:46h, 04 February Reply

    Thank you Greg☮️

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