The Key To Life

The Key To Life

The Key To Life

“Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes, which see reality.” ~ Nikos Kazantzakis

At all times there is something more occurring than our literal-based minds can track or comprehend through our genetic thinking. This Reality is inexplicable and has its origins in the absolute state of oneness that lives within each of us.

Most of us miss this magnificent significance due to the psychological congestion of our own inner theories pertaining only to our daily survival in this world. These survival tactics confuse the issue of our existence and all the circumstances that relate to the conditions and events we face on a daily basis, which we believe to be our earthly life.

Hence, we live lost in the maze of our own logic and reasoning, which simply cannot fathom nor sort out the true essence of what it means to live in this world beyond survivalist thinking. We do not know how to live centered in our inner Being, and hence we live helter-skelter to their emotionality and its whims of bringing pleasure over pain. To the mediocre mind, this is the only purpose for living in this world.

There is a price to pay for living an uninspired life melded with the accoutrements of selfishness, pride and self-righteousness. It is called: Depression. ~ Siraj

Depression, in all of its various forms and degrees, has become the basis for our collective and personal concept of “reality.” This is why we pour our attentions into sports, movies, politics, video games and all of our tech devices to entertain our minds and create a “safe” and “private” place to gratify our obsessions.

When we live immersed in these avoidances trying to stave off the depression that is constantly chasing us from one activity to another, we create a conventional, pedestrian life controlled by the dictates of the collective that perpetuates spiritual mischief through fear and hate.

The price of convention undermines our entire lifetime. ~ Siraj

There is a price to pay for living by the protocol of human logic, unrestricted in our emotionality and pleasures. It poisons many aspects of our earthly living, including health, finances and human relationships. Through our spiritual indifference, we create a history that haunts us in this lifetime and follows us into many lifetimes to come.

Our personal reality is based in our humanness, not our Divinity. Our ancestry is based in salvation through survival. When we live in the fog of our forefather’s thoughts and emotionality, we miss the meaning of our own significance. Through this inherited thinking, we build and sustain connections to the collective unconscious that perpetuate the same indifference to the significance of life that our ancestors struggled with hundreds and hundreds of years before us.

We all have these mental and emotional influences – sometimes subtle, sometimes overt – that govern how we think, what we think and determine the general disposition and temperament of our lifetime. When our breath is that of the hubris, our movements are those of mere pride and our motive is strictly self-serving. We create an illusory reality filled with trials, trepidations and unkind acts that eventually surface as our Karma.

Karma points us toward the significance of living. ~ Siraj

Certain elements of Universal Law are in place for us as the state of our Karma. Whether or not we can recognize how life is custom-made for each of us depends upon how deeply insightful we have become in this lifetime through conscious living.

Upon learning that Fu Tze was in Sinkiang Province, Yuan Chien sought the sage and found him living in a hut near Hotien. As they drank tea together, Yuan Chien explained that he had wandered far and long in search of wisdom and immortality. He had heard the Way of Heaven expounded by many wise men, but was disturbed by one apparent contradiction in the different teachings with which he had come in contact.

‘There are those who teach methods of resisting evil, to the point of dealing instant death in response to evil,” said Yuan Chien. “There are also those who teach non-resistance to evil, to the point of accepting one’s own death at the hands of evil. Yet, the principles of both methods seem right to my ears.”

“There are those who teach denial of the desires of the body, and there are those who teach the beauty of the body and its desires. Yet, both teachings seem correct to my understanding.”

“There are those who teach that one must isolate oneself from other men in order to find wisdom and immortality, and there are those who teach that wisdom and immortality can be found only through one’s relationships with others. Yet, both ways seem reasonable to my heart as they are taught.”

“Can you resolve these contradictions for me?”

“When a room has many doors, a man’s search must be for that door that can be unlocked by the key in his possession,” answered Fu Tze. “Because what matters to him is not the carving upon any door, but access to the room beyond it.”

Upon receiving this answer, Yuan Chien determined to remain in Hotien to talk further with Fu Tze.

Each of us has our own inner significance. We hold the key to the life we live here on earth, which was designed by our own hand many, many lifetimes ago. ~ Siraj

Every one of us has the key! But not everyone knows which door the key will unlock. Our “key” might be to unlock a door that has been shut for many lifetimes that can only be opened by living beyond the needs and wants of the human body, and its emotionality and genetic impulses.

Within our unconscious mind is the mechanism that reports to our ego, creating many “side paths” that keep the spiritual mischief going. This is why we do not mature into Love. Travel, concerts, food and entertainments of all sorts are always dangling before us as metaphoric “carrots” that seduce our pedestrian mentality into submission.

When finding the door becomes the driving force within, we are no longer distracted by illusory side-paths. Every moment becomes precious in finding the fate that reveals our destiny. When we are willing to live beyond feeding our primal fears through genetic urges for emotional excess, we realize our Reality and come to understand the meaning of everything that we did in this world in order to arrive where we are right now.

Do not be infatuated and seduced by the emotionality that reigns supreme in the body and mind

Nothing is occurring in this world as perceived through the mind’s concepts, fears and beliefs - Reality eludes the pedestrian mentality

Reality, true reality, is a matter of the mystical - it has to do with the state of our inner Being rather than material concerns

Find the door that reveals the essence of significance that lives within is the ultimate Reality that abides profoundly in a mind liberated from inherited thinking

Be willing to realize Truth and become conscious once more, if only for a brief moment, to the realization that Reality is simply Love - you are Love

  • Manisha
    Posted at 05:14h, 29 April Reply

    Live beyond fear
    Find the door
    Thank you, Siraj

  • Greg
    Posted at 07:00h, 30 April Reply

    Beautiful. Thank you, Siraj. Searching for that door…



  • Maria Rodriguez
    Posted at 06:17h, 31 May Reply

    Thank you for helping us find that key.



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