Hardness Of Heart

Hardness Of Heart

Hardness Of Heart

Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

The deepest ailment of our world has nothing to do with the physicality of the body. It has to do with the state of our Heart. Nothing frightens people more than Love. Most of you are probably shaking your head “no,” but what I say is true. Absolute Love is far different than our emotional human heart, with its rules and morals that seem “reasonable” to the human mind focused solely on fixing or protecting different modalities of emotions.

To the human heart there is nothing but the promise of gratification so we never look further for the meaning of our existence. We simply allow the human heart to define our humanity through its preferred forms of gratification.

Our spiritual indifference is not only ignorant, but also cavalier when it comes to dealing with the life energy (Karma) that we all answer to in this world. ~ Siraj

“Hardness of heart” is where we have petrified our psychology into a philosophy where the mind can see no use for authentic Love in the appeasement of emotional states.

Most people have become harsh in their ways due to “hardness of heart,” and thus cannot distinguish what is important in life and what is merely a distraction from what is truly crucial. Everything we do and everything that we don’t do is our Karma. Every person you ignore who offers a gift you believe does not pertain to you, will become a significant aspect of your life sooner or later.

This is not a “moral” issue. It is about the state of the authentic Heart and how we put the emotional human heart ahead of the Bigger Picture of our own participation in the life that we are in. People cannot give because they fear the most dangerous aspect of their Being – the AUTHENTIC HEART. They do not see that meditation is a lifestyle that SPREADS into their lives and opens many a door to the Heart of Love.

Living in such division, separate from the essential purpose of meditation, we create a certain kind of Karma. You see my dear one, we are all given invitations to follow the path of Love. These invitations come in many different forms. I am one of those forms as a person of fate, though most people forsake this blessed invitation in order to sustain their fears by fulfilling emotion through the gratifications that create painful Karma in their lives. Money is the biggest gratification for those who have been weakened through a life of emotionalism.

True intelligence is a matter of consciousness. ~ Siraj

Only through kindness and the authentic compassion that dawns in consciousness do we truly know how and what to give. Most people can only give when they feel emotional. Most people render their “generosity” to their emotionality, giving only from pity, guilt and/or the fear of feeling the other person’s grief if they were to find themselves in such perilous positions of Karma.

The general public is easily manipulated through the fear of human suffering they do not want to face in their own lives. I am all for compassion toward those who really need it at all levels, but it cannot be an emotional thing. Giving from our emotionality simply creates more Karma in our own lives, because our true intent is based in selfishness.

What we do not realize is that when we give money to an organization, we become the recipient of the Karma that is the nature of that organization as a “pod.” A pod is a self-contained state whereby we accept and internalize the energies of the pod, and hence live in its wake.

To be an “individual” a person must be by definition: single, separate and unusual in character. An “individual” is distinct from a group, class and/or family. Can you truly say that you are? Most people seek to simply “belong” and therefore cannot be individuals. They want to belong to family, friends and any other class or group of people whom they believe are above average.

Our issue is that we suffer from the logic and reasoning of an emotionality that causes us to live absent of Love. ~ Siraj

To truly achieve consciousness, we must be willing to put aside our emotions for the sake of STILLNESS and SILENCE. Meditation reveals the power of SILENCE when we are willing to live in STILLNESS. For it is in our STILLNESS that we find the Heart of the Being that we truly are.

Most people in this world admire the state of “hardness of heart” as it seems to promise pleasure and the gratification of being powerful. People without any depth of consciousness believe that showing no mercy is a sign of strength and self-righteousness.

People believe that sympathy is compassion – it is not. They believe that pity is empathy – it is not. They live only according to the emotions they have cultivated all of their lives and truly believe there is nothing beyond.
Until we are willing of the state of Love within through the spiritual…nothing I can say or do will help any of you. I do not ask you to trust me. I do not ask you to believe me. I do not ask you to understand, as that would be impossible due to your heartlessness.

I ask only that you do not argue with me about all of this and simply LISTEN. If you can LISTEN to that which your emotions cannot contend with, there is a chance that something powerful can happen within you.

Love lays waste the frivolous human emotionality we use to cover our fears and anxieties. ~ Siraj

Please listen for just one moment. No matter what you may think or believe, the “writing’s on the wall” regarding the world we now live in. Materia Medica cannot help you. Science is governed by politics, therefore we all have a shelf life as our health coverage and quality of healthcare wanes. Government will not help you because it is a corporation that seeks only power and wealth at the expense of all else. You and I are here only to serve government through taxes. Religion is based in the propagation of fear, and hence only serves to intimidate those who can be controlled through fear. So what are you left with?

Love is intuitive and requires the richness of consciousness to supersede the indulgence of emotional impulses. ~ Siraj

The Heart. Only through the Heart do we find the blessing of Love. Love exceeds all else in this world as the eternal blessing of life can be carried with us through death. To seek Love above all else, by emerging beyond emotional fear and anxiety, is what our lives are all about. Nothing is more important.

When we seek the way of the Heart, we find a Love that dissipates our emotionality, thus ending the mischief we once knew and enjoyed. In authentic Love there are no degrees as there are in human emotional affection. Love is absolute and resolves everything in our life by removing us from the emotional desires and impulses that mislead us.

Learn how to change your lifestyle from willful desires to mercy and compassion

Make Love the breath of spirit in your living

Sustain your meditations and they will offer you the sweet state of consciousness

Live and move from silence within - realize how meaningful “non-doing” can be

When the meaning of your life exceeds the power you seek over your life, you will find yourself ready for Love

  • Manisha
    Posted at 03:40h, 16 July Reply

    In Gratitude
    For your insight on authentic Love

  • Sharilyn
    Posted at 06:14h, 16 July Reply

    Thank you for this beautiful blog! Listen,Hear, and Allow….
    Breathe. Humbled and Grateful

  • Michael Eidsmoe
    Posted at 17:46h, 18 July Reply

    The Authentic Heart, the only way to fly.
    Thank you

  • Paul
    Posted at 19:43h, 19 July Reply

    It’s a difficult path. ☮️

    Thank you Greg

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