The Means Justifies The End

The Means Justifies The End

The Means Justifies The End

If what we are now has been the result of our own past actions, it certainly follows that whatever we wish to be in the future can be produced by our present actions; so we have to know how to act. ~ The Buddha

Everything people do in this world, throughout the course of their lifetime, either liberates them through the blessing of Karma or binds them to a Karma that reflects their spiritual indifference. The Karma they perpetrate in this world will either become their attrition to fear or their attainment to Love.

Most people cannot understand this because they are so engrossed in deluding themselves through various methods and degrees of self-indulgence, which plays out as what the Buddha called “human mischief.” This overt disobedience to the Laws of Karma overtakes their lifetime and produces useless pain and suffering.

Most people prefer to chase after the emotional needs that originated during their childhood rather than mature into the state of authentic Love. They are committed to their DNA and the origin of their fears, which blinds them to the damage they are creating to their own inner well-being by allowing their lack of consciousness to define their living.

We just live recklessly from our lineage with no sense of the well-being that can only be realized through a more elevated spiritual path. ~ Siraj

People make a mockery of their lifetime through their infatuation with the human heredity and psychological roots instilled in them by their parents, who infected them through various forms of abuse. Some of these inequities were harsh, while others were much more insidious in nature kind. Buddha called these the “soft fetters” that coddled personal weakness and promoted a mental state of entitlement.

The mischief we live and enact boils down to a philosophy that is employed to justify our self-righteousness and which has made us ruthlessly unkind: “THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS.” This philosophy is very significant and gives cause to examine what we actually live for in this world.

When you look at your life, would you say that your “MEANS” (a system by which a result is brought about) actually “JUSTIFIES” (a valid reason for the way you do something) the “END” (the final desire fulfilled)? ~ Siraj

The only thing that seems to matter to most of us is that we get what we want no matter how unkind or ruthless our actions may be. The desired “END”result is the only goal. The mania that most of us display through our ruthless rationalized cruelty only creates a Karma that we force ourselves to endure through many lifetimes. The sad aspect of all of this is the pride factor. We take proud in our cruelty and use it as a way to demonstrate what we call “personal power” or “taking our power back” as it were. All of this is a merely dangerous ploy of the ego that reveals our spiritual ignorance as well as indifference toward LOVE.

In conscious living – allowing Love to live us – the “END” is not the point. The “MEANS” is the “END” and the results are of no real importance. This is what it means to live in an authentic spiritual practice.

The journey to anything is the meaning of everything. ~ Siraj

When we live intelligently, we understand that what we “want” is never the goal. We must remain clear about what “means” we will use in our living. To those of us who are aware of our Karma, the “MEANS” is more important than the “END.” Through awareness of our Karma we understand how to apply the “MEANS” that will overcome the Karma. In other words: we can only to be privy to the things we are in harmony with through understanding our Karma.

We will not be able to have everything we may “want” due to our lack of awareness of the Karma we have in this lifetime. So, exactly what does this mean? It means different things for different people. Some of us will have circumstances that are favorable to our needs and even our wants, due to the Karma that we have. Others of us will not have this favor due to our past and present issues with our Karma and will have to seek awareness of these issues before the “MEANS” can be understood or realized. Our awareness of what we have brought into this lifetime as our Karma is the key element that most of us overlook.

We are all created with equal potential, but we are not all equal. ~ Siraj

Once there was a monkey king who looked down the walls of a canyon and saw the bright moon reflected on the water. “Oh, what a beautiful jewel, I must have it,” he thought.

When he told this to the other monkeys, they all said it would be very hard to obtain, but the monkey king said, “I have an idea. One monkey will hold on to a tree and everyone else will form a line, each holding tightly to the tail of the monkey in front. Then we can lower our monkey chain down to the water and the last one will be able to reach the jewel.”

So 500 monkeys dangled one by one down to the water, but the weight of all the monkeys was too much for the one holding on to the tree and all 500 monkeys fell into the water and drowned.

So did the “END” justify the “MEANS” here? Most of us miss the significance of this story. The 500 monkeys did not have to die seeking something that did not even exist as they were seeing it. This story has much to do with our life. We chase after one illusion, then another and another endlessly, without ever recognizing what is happening to us. Our ruthless ways go undaunted, while our authentic accomplishments are little or none in this lifetime.

This raises the question: What would be a real accomplishment in this lifetime? To live for those things you can take with you through death. What might those be, you ask? The degree of LOVE that is represented by your lifelong pursuit of kindness, compassion and loving forgiveness.

Success in this world means nothing. Remorse for how we obtained the success we may have in this world means everything. ~ Siraj

Not a popular thing to say…but absolutely true. If we “understand” this, we know. If we do not, Karma will reveal to us the power of this insight in the only way it can, through the life that we are living. It is up to us and how we deal with our fear and emotion.

We are not here to ignore the meaning of our life by being obsessed with circumstances. We are here to recognize the meaning of each circumstance and all occurrences that we face during our lifetime. It is all about Love, and those of us who realize this live to YIELD and overcome ourselves…and hence, our KARMA. This is living as authentic intelligence. It is from here that the “END” is the “MEANS” and transforms our Karma into LOVE.

You are LOVE.
To realize this is more powerful than my urgings could ever invoke within you. You must learn this for yourself. As a teacher I can only remind you of all of this, which is the honor of my lifetime.

How you do anything is how you do everything

The Love we seek is found within ONENESS - to seek a Love that is greater than human love is the total MEANS of a lifetime

Let your human limits reveal the reality of your Karma to help you “see the field” of your lifetime and show you the direct path to LOVE

When you “know`` your inward state of being, the state of your Karma and the meaning of this lifetime become very clear

To choose bliss over sadness makes for an interesting life

  • Mary Roos
    Posted at 04:12h, 13 August Reply

    Be still and know…..
    In Gratitude

  • johnny chamblee
    Posted at 10:01h, 13 August Reply

    Thank you Greg for all you do.

  • Michael Eidsmoe
    Posted at 10:32h, 13 August Reply

    The means & the end: kindness, compassion and loving forgiveness.
    Thank you

  • Paul kampe
    Posted at 20:00h, 18 August Reply

    Thank you Greg☮️

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