The Five Fools

The Five Fools

Though it is difficult because it once saved you, throw away the raft! ~ Siraj

Allow me to offer some truth when it comes to suffering so we might leave our raft at the waters edge and seek to move on with our lives. Fear makes such fools of us that we lose our awareness to recognize a situation for what it really is rather than how we believe it is as interpreted through our fear.

Fear is allowed to rule our lives when we do not follow the nature of our being…which is Love. We try to drag our emotion and logic (the raft) up the mountain (the practice of meditation) and thus find that it is impossible to meditate because our emotions are so filled with and manipulated by fear.

We do not examine our emotions correctly. Emotions are the body’s instinctive reaction to danger and pleasure. Emotions are not destructive when used to alert us to danger, but not allowed to be over indulged. There is a fine line between allowing emotion to help us or hurt us. Our greatest downfall in life is not what we do, but how we squander our energies on pleasuring ourselves to the point of obsession.

Retaining fear as a motivator sustains a lifestyle of hate, which leads to a lifetime of self-hatred. ~ Siraj

So what is the answer to our salvation? We can only understand this once we have crossed over the line of what is called “reclamation through futility.” We must realize our own futility! Only those of us who have been humbled by the hand of life can feel the futility that brings us to mercy. Mercy is our salvation.

Most of us do not want to admit that our lives have been pointless, even useless. So we focus solely on our survival, gratifications and vanities as the “meaning” of our own existence, which makes our lives barren and filled with futility.

Life is about the spiritual, which has nothing to do with human. The spiritual is that which the mind and senses cannot deal with – it is our salvation; not in seeking deliverance from our mischief or its consequences, but in coming to the place where we are willing of mercy. Mercy allows us to end our suffering by abandoning the futile search for Love and begin to let LOVE find us. Love is what we are.

When we are through with trying to be “who`` we “think`` we are, Love will find us as we truly are. ~ Siraj

To let Love find us we must set aside our emotional need for self-preservation and allow the presence of our Soul to gather us up and bring us into the ultimate energy of Life itself. When we meditate and practice the willingness to become humble realize our futility and find repentance through mercy.

Learning how to use our mind to cross treacherous waters is one thing, but learning how to drop the mind in order to transcend the fear of the treacherous waters themselves is the true art of living. It may be difficult to understand right now, but everything we see and react to in this world is an ILLUSION. When we are finished living in illusion, Love will find us once again and bring us back to Life.

Do not seek to complicate your life with a mind that tells you what is ``right and wrong”

Hold no opinion, no belief, no dream stuff…and let go of what you can remember of the past

Become simple again - simplicity is the essence of a spiritual practice and the breath of everything we are

Live in the no-mind of mercy and allow Love to catch you - it will, I promise

When it does...surrender at all costs!

  • Greg
    Posted at 06:30h, 27 August Reply

    I am deeply humbled. Thank you.

  • Michael Eidsmoe
    Posted at 17:50h, 30 August Reply

    Keep it simple. Just don’t know. Love will catch you.
    Thank you

  • Paul kampe
    Posted at 11:00h, 05 September Reply

    Thank you Greg ☮️

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