Love Is Fearless

Love Is Fearless

We betray ourselves by insisting that the human can know Love. It can not. ~ Siraj

The chaos we live in is self-created by the duality of a mind split between fear for survival and hope for Love. We manufacture an ideal of what we want “love” to be and then, through ignorance, willfulness and indifference, we confound and betray ourselves with the delusion that the human can be Divine. This is where most of us deviate from reality. The human, which is full of fear, can never realize authentic, spiritual Love. The idyllic “love” we have manufactured from the ego is simply a matter of hubris, which opens the door to fear and hate.

Fear is the heartbeat of the human. Our DNA and genetics contain nothing but primitive instinct and emotionality that is meant to help us survive as a species, but is not a means for maturing as a spiritual being. The human is human…the Divine is Divine. The two are not synonymous.

The skeptical or literal mind based in fear can never awaken to the meaning of Life and its intricacies. ~ Siraj

There must come a moment in our lives where we seek something beyond what our genetics can provide. But this is of no importance to the majority of people who incarnate into this world. To most, the meaning of a lifetime boils down to two things: propagation of the species and money. For recent generations (direct descendants of parents born in the ‘70s and‘80s) the purpose for living is merely to be entertained through fear and gratification without ever questioning their own emotionality. They live and breathe the Peter Pan Syndrome – to exist as children and preserve their childlike desires for the rest of their lives.

“You only live once.” This anthem runs rampant in our world today as a feeble alibi to counter the fear that drives the human experience. Adopting the philosophy that “fear is good” fosters the delusion that its ramifications can be reduced through gratification. Born from their parents’ addictions – alcohol and the old “sex, drugs and rock-n-roll mentality” – current generations have simply become immune to Truth. Much the same as it was in the Middle Ages. (hint)

When all philosophical beliefs fail and there is nothing but the reality of the moment, fear is no longer a matter of entertainment. ~ Siraj

During the time of civil war in Korea, a certain general led his troops through province after province, overrunning whatever stood in his path. The people of one town, knowing that he was coming and having heard the tales of his extreme cruelty, all fled into the mountains.

When the general arrived with his troops he sent them out to search the abandoned town. Some of the soldiers came back and reported that only one person remained, a Zen Master. The general strode over to the temple, walked in, pulled out his sword, and said, “Don’t you know who I am? I am the one who can run through you without batting an eye.”

The Zen master looked back and calmly responded, “And I, sir, am one who can be run through without batting an eye.”

Hearing this, the general bowed and departed.

The Master was ready to die. The facts of the situation were obvious and he was willing to accept the fear by embracing it. On the other hand, he also recognized that the General was a man of low self-esteem (a very dangerous quality in human beings) and that all he really wanted was “respect” for his primitive powers of inducing death over life. The Master gave him this without hesitation, again accepting everything as it is. The Karma was clear to the Master. He was there to meet this General with acceptance for what the situation presented.

Fear is no more than 6 inches deep. ~ Siraj

To realize this is to come to the place where we can have the direct experience that Love is fearlessness. but in order for this direct experience to occur we cannot be checking into our emotionality for our daily dose of hate…we cannot live in the duality of fear and hope. The “hope” we induce through our senses is merely another form of fear typically masquerading as fantasy or self-righteousness.

Yes, we are afraid and lost. Whenever we feel threatened by someone or something that displeases or disrupts our emotionality, we fall to hate as a means to deal with our fears. When we are done with duality and choose Love over fear, we live in non-duality, and hence our fears are no more because we learn how to live WITH the human, but not AS the human.

Everything we do eventually becomes a lifestyle. If we continue to live in duality between being human and Divine, we create an ever-increasing chasm that becomes our Karma in every life we enter. Learning how to live with the human as a vehicle in this world is very important. It is the utter manifestation of our Karma.

Authentic Love has no opposite. ~ Siraj

Authentic Love is the ALL of everything that is real. Every spiritual Master has come to us in order to help us realize that Love is more powerful than hate.

To dislike the human is futile and to hate what it produces is foolish. To embrace its weakness and understand its purpose brings strength to our inner core. The human will never be Divine, but the Divine lives in the human. When we fully realize this, we awaken to Truth and live beyond the limitations of the body…and we live the Love that we truly are.

The Divine lives within the “flesh,” but is not of the flesh. In other words, the Laws that govern the spiritual are not the same as the science of the “flesh.” We live as a spiritual being first, that is contained in the body of a human being. Karma made all of this possible. Through Karma we take on the “flesh” to discover the spiritual. To the degree of our understanding of this reveals the character, modality and quality of our experience here on earth.

The “flesh`` and the Divine must never be confused as one in the same

Learn how to live with the human as a vehicle in this world…as “temporary transportation”

FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

When FEAR is clearly seen as FEAR, there will no longer be FEAR

Live fearlessly and embrace Loving kindness as a lifestyle

  • Manisha
    Posted at 17:57h, 31 March Reply

    Thank you for your Loving guidance, dear Siraj

  • Sangit
    Posted at 04:42h, 01 April Reply

    In gratitude for your commitment and generous insights.

  • Michael Eidsmoe
    Posted at 05:24h, 02 April Reply

    The body is just fear and survival. Just the vehicle. The Devine is Devine.
    Thank you. This is just what I needed to read this morning.

  • Paul kampe
    Posted at 16:31h, 09 April Reply

    Thank You Greg ☮️

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