Toxic Anger

Toxic Anger

The Buddha teaches that we are not punished for our anger, we are punished by our anger. In other words, anger is its own karma. ~ Eknath Easwaran

My job is very difficult. What I offer is absolutely counterculture so it is often dismissed as senseless, foolish and obsolete by the pedestrian mentality of the masses. The general public’s attention span has become so myopic, due to genetics and their infatuation with the constant stream of flash-in-the pan input from their devices and other media, that they can’t read anything longer than three paragraphs. They have neither the patience nor the skill to express themselves beyond a second grade, text-speak mentality.

Very few live consciously and even fewer care to become conscious and live from an awakened posture in this world. Thus, their Karma consists of the energies they accumulate through forsaking awareness to live by default in their genetic disposition to emotionality, allowing the body to dictate the quality of their life and the proportions of their outcome in this world.

Be suspicious of your ‘happiness.’. ~ Siraj

Most people are governed by the “buy now, pay later” mentality, choosing immediate gratification as a means to temper their emotionality and stave off their fear of the inevitable price to be paid later in life through sickness and death.

Their “happiness” is often the causation of their greatest sorrow later in life. Nothing brings a deeper despair than the realization on their death bed that everything that ever made them “happy” has placed them in the position of another useless death.

Happiness is a quality of consciousness and not a result of pleasuring our senses. The collective unconscious of this world is about pleasuring the senses in order to overcome the emotional sorrows that exist within the body. This makes people impulsive and preoccupied with the derangement of merely lining up one desire after another and gratifying themselves quite literally to death.

All efforts to appease the illusions of emotional insecurity eventually become the manufactured “evidence” that most people act upon in this lifetime. What a mistake they make. ~ Siraj

Once upon a time there lived a working man who detested coffee. His wife did not know this as he had never told her. She loved coffee very much and took great delight in packing a thermos of the stuff in his lunch box every morning.

He always carried the box and thermos to work, but being a frugal man brought them home again in the evening with the thermos of coffee still untouched. Then, to save a penny and because his wife loved coffee as much as he detested it, he poured it back into the coffee pot when she wasn’t looking. He was excused from the evening coffee on the grounds that it kept him from sleeping well.

One night the wife dreamt that her husband was unfaithful to her. The next night she had the same dream. It angered her, but she said nothing. A week or so later, the dream happened a third time, causing her much jealousy and anguish.

It is true,” she thought. “It must be true. The worm is unfaithful to me!”

So she set out to avenge herself by slowly poisoning her husband, putting a pinch of arsenic in his thermos of coffee every morning until she ended up unknowingly killing herself.

At the husband’s trial of acquittal, the judge said, “It is always the same: those who believe the dream (assumption) kill themselves.”

We are all subject to the law of impermanence that governs this world: nothing ever stays the same, everything is subject to change and deterioration. ~ Siraj

The elements of emotionality that seemed to make people “happy” when they were children no longer exist. Many resent this and live irresponsibly by continuing to do things that are childish in this lifetime. Typically, people need drugs and alcohol to sustain this state of immaturity, which is reflected in the growing substance abuse crisis in our country.

Emotional people make impulsive decisions that seem to be the only possibilities available for them at the time. Typically, these decisions are self-defeating and cause them to live in opposition to their Karma.

The anger that is allowed to propagate in the background of their unconscious minds is created solely through the emotionality that was pre-programed by the genetics of their parents that, when combined with their basic DNA, predestined the gravitas of their self-hatred.

Realizing self-hatred is a very important process in a human being’s life. This realization reveals the anger hidden within their desires for “good” and “happy,” and their belief that a convenient and pleasurable life will save them from facing their deepest unacknowledged sorrows.

Few people have the sense of humor that allows the seriousness of human imperfection to become impotent in light of the Truth that we are merely guests in the fleshly body. ~ Siraj

Most people do not have the inner horsepower to tolerate the weightiness of what it means to recognize human defects. They view their humanity as a curse of Karma and take themselves far too literally with absolutely no sense of humor, while ridiculing others who do the same in an effort to deflect or obscure their own dysfunction.

To see the nature of our humanity and realize the way it works is to mature beyond the depression and mischief caused by denial. We are merely renting time in this physical body, my dear ones…it is not our origin. We must remember this in order to shift our perspective.

Most people live for something that does not exist in this world: security. ~ Siraj

People are “killed” by their own desires. Getting what they want will not change anything that is important to their spiritual awakening. Their constant obsession with being “happy” and having “fun” as the “right” way to live binds them to a psychology consumed by emotionality and desire in which gratification becomes the sole purpose of their lifetime. They constant pursuit of gratification is further complicated by the fear of either not achieving it or losing it, thus provoking a deep anger that fuels the ruthless obsession to obtain and cling to desires with even more intensity.

What most never realize is that what they “want” is killing them. Sometimes this ”killing” is the inability to awaken spiritually…and other times it is actual physical death. How they carry their hate and anger within is the true adversary. Until this is realized, they will not recognize the tentacles of what they are prone to (due to genetics and DNA) that are wrapped around everything in their inner and worldly lives and have become the true source of their suffering and sorrow.

It is imperative to find the source of our emotionality and never take our inner eye off of it. ~ Siraj

The obsession with painful ideals of what a life “should” be continues to undermine the most precious aspect of the state of Being – mercy. It is a sad fact that people put fear and anger ahead of mercy. They keep this self-imposed illusion in the forefront while letting their body support it through passion and reason as the heady aspects that keep them infirmed. These unbridled harsh energies circumvent any sense of mercy, even though their life depends upon it.

Maintaining the “face” of the ego is far more important than the Heart of Love. Generosity and Loving kindness are outweighed by the passionate desires rooted in emotionality that are used to justify ruthless and cruel behavior toward anyone or anything that gets in the way of their “deserved” sense of righteousness.

No one can awaken to the Authentic Heart while serving the antics of self-righteous cruelty. No one can enter the sacred state of Love while engulfed in and acting from fear, anger and hate. ~ Siraj

As long as we live immersed in our fear and desire, we will continue shadow-boxing ourselves to death. There is something far greater to our daily living than merely fighting with and through our own emotionality. Much is revealed when we are merciful enough to recognize and accept everything for what it is, without waging conflict in an effort to change it.

So once again: let Love live you, my dear ones.

Be very suspicious about what you believe makes you “happy” - or in other words, what gratifies you

Observe your anger and how it ferments into hate over the course of your lifetime

Consider why you allow these emotional states to have such power over you to your own detriment

Simply watch non-critically without trying to change it - the answer to it all is in the watching

Observe the mind observing…and remain open to what this reveals

  • Manisha
    Posted at 05:02h, 29 April Reply

    A reminder to look deep within….
    Thank you

  • Michael Eidsmoe
    Posted at 20:34h, 29 April Reply

    Keep watching it. Don’t judge it. Don’t try to change it. Transcend it.
    Thank you

  • Paul kampe
    Posted at 14:31h, 04 May Reply

    Thank you Greg ☮️

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