What Influences What We Think, Say And Do?

What Influences What We Think, Say And Do?

On life’s journey, faith is nourishment, virtuous deeds are a shelter, wisdom is the light by day and right mindfulness is the protection by night. If a man lives a pure life, nothing can destroy him. ~ Buddha

How many of us actually listen to our “private” inner thoughts? The thoughts we keep tucked away in the background of our thinking that influence the major cognitive processes that cause us to act and react? We imbibe impulses from our emotional state and translate them into “rationalized thoughts” that influence every word we speak and every action we take. This phenomenon is occurring 24/7 throughout our lifetime typically unchecked, without any awareness on our part.

Most of us foolishly believe that we can “control” or “edit” this process. What we do not realize is that Life is Truth. We create our own experiences. This is so hard for us to accept and become responsible for. We want to believe that we have private thoughts that never leave our domain, but this is simply untrue.

We define our own existence in this world through the state of our inner being. Whatever we conjure up within becomes the energy we radiate into the world. Everything we send out becomes a reflection of the “environment” we have created within ourselves.

What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight, and what you have whispered in the ear in the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the roofs. ~ Jesus

Everything that we imagine we are keeping hidden in the “dark” of our unconscious minds will eventually manifest in the “daylight” of our lives as circumstances and events that we will have to face. When we harbor deep fears in the “dark” of our unconscious and “discuss” them in the “inner rooms” of our private thoughts, we eventually live them into our human existence, which becomes our Karma.

For most of us this is a scary proposition because we know the fears and dark energies we live with that we foolishly hope we can keep hidden so that no one will ever find out. Whatever our “secrets” are, the energies they produce seep out into the world creating life experiences.

The colliding convolution between 'good and evil' emotions are constantly at odds with each other, creating a synergy of duality within us. ~ Siraj

And because we live divided by this, we are eventually conquered by our own energies and reduced to living and acting in the futile effort of trying to find a “cure” for our sick selves. Yes, we human beings are a complicated mechanism to say the least.

This proliferation of emotions that congregates within us has been allowed to become our basic psyche from which we cultivate hate, fear, pride, vengeance and spiritual deprivation as survival mechanisms. The effort of forgiveness, compassion and loving kindness pale in comparison to gratifying our egos. These emotional responses create more and more Karma for us to have to live out…until we are willing to see the Light.

No matter what our posturing, posing and affectations seem to be - we, in truth, do ourselves great harm by being so deeply defiant of our own purpose for being here on earth. ~ Siraj

We live in a pretense about ourselves in this life. This pretentiousness is deeply rooted in our unconscious mind, which is hardwired to the massive collective unconscious through our emotions. From here, we allow our emotions (all of them) to convolute us with fear and self-righteous hate that eventually become our beliefs about everything, everyone and the self that we live with. This is what our sick society calls “sanity” and everything we think, say and do comes from this semblance of sanity.

Why are we here on earth…in this Karma? It is the only way to Love. Yes…we are sick, but we also have the “physician” within as our Karma, and it is there to help us to awaken beyond our own hypocrisy.

When we realize that we are 'sick,' we are no longer sick! All it takes is self-observation and the willingness to live without pretenses. ~ Siraj

Here is an interesting story that my Master shared during a Discourse many years ago. It is about a man named Valmiki, who was a murderer and a thief. He did such things because this was the only way he “thought” he could survive. He meets an enlightened man who changes his entire life through one simple insight. This story illustrates how we rationalize our life through false pretenses:

Valmiki was a murderer; he lived by murder and loot. A sudden happening-and he became enlightened.

An enlightened person was passing, and Valmiki, a murderer, a man who lived by thief, caught hold of this Enlightened man. The Enlightened man said, “What are you going to do?”

Valmiki said, “I am going to rob you of all that you have!”

The Enlightened man said, “If you could do that I would be happy, because I have something very inner. Rob it, you are welcome!”

Valmiki could not understand it, but he said, “I am concerned only with outward things.”

The Enlightened man said, “But they won’t help much. And why are you doing this?”

Valmiki replied. “Because of my family, for my family-my mother, my wife, my children-they will starve if I don’t do this; and I only know this art.”

So the Enlightened man said, “Bind me to a tree so I cannot escape and go back and tell your mother and your wife and your children that you are committing sin for them. Ask them if they are ready to share the punishment. When you are before God, when the Last Judgment comes, will they be ready to share the punishment?”

For the first time Valmiki started thinking. He said, “You may be right. I should go and ask.”

He went back, asked his wife, and she said, “Why should I share the punishment? I have not done anything. If you do anything it’s your responsibility.”

And his mother said, “Why should I share it? I am your mother; it is your duty to feed me. I don’t know how you bring the bread, that’s your responsibility.”

Nobody was ready to share the punishment…and Valmiki became converted.

He came back, fell at the feet of the Enlightened man and said, “Now give me the inner, I’M not interested in the outer. Now let me be the robber of the inner, because I have understood that I am alone and whatsoever I do, it is my responsibility, nobody is going to share it.

I am born alone, I will die alone, and whatsoever I do is my individual personal responsibility: nobody is going to share it. So now I must look inward and find who I am. Finished! I am finished with this whole business!”

Valmiki was a very intelligent man. Most people merely succumb to their DNA and acquiesce to hate and revenge in order to sustain their desperate need for self-righteous gratification. Valmiki realized this and did not allow “loyalty” to his emotional ego to get in the way of his basic “common sense.”

Whatever we 'believe in’ and ‘live from’ within ourselves determines the course of our lifetime in this world through what we think, say and do. ~ Siraj

This is why Buddha, Jesus and other great Masters urged us to follow Love. They did not teach us to “make up” what we want Love to be…they taught us to allow Love to live through us, guiding us to a space where only the state of Love matters, a state of oneness in unison with Life.

We are most powerful Beings, and yet we have little regard for our authentic prowess and allow our emotions to reduce us to a mere species. When we sit in quiet meditation, we can listen to the state of Being that we truly are. Our natural state is to listen to the sound of one hand clapping, meaning to simply listen to Life without any need for emotional interpretation or conflict.

If we leave our efforts to the whims of the human that surrounds us through the flesh and intricacies of our DNA, our life and its living will only be defined by repetitious futility.

To just STOP AND LISTEN to what we think, say and do is a very powerful method of awakening. ~ Siraj

We are asleep and cannot hear that we are “snoring.” Should the moment come when we really seek to hear what we are sending out into the world through what we think, say and do, we will make every effort to awaken and embrace the presence of authentic Love. Then, and only then, can we LET LOVE LIVE US.

Watch how the mind has been trained to react from emotional energies that conduct a symphony of fear

To live consciously in Love we must only sacrifice the trite emotions of fear in order to regain our sense of Beingness through compassion and conscious living

Appeal to the greater aspects of your Being by living in a tenderness that allows for kindness and compassion

Flower into Life by seeking ways to give and be generous

Listen to the ebb and flow of the Heart…and in all that you think, say and do, let Love live you

  • Michael Eidsmoe
    Posted at 06:10h, 01 October Reply

    I must consciously keep waking up to what I am sending out

    Thank you

  • Manisha
    Posted at 04:19h, 05 October Reply

    A reminder to stay alert
    Thank you

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