The Illusion of Fear

The Illusion of Fear

The Illusion of Fear

Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us act, just once, with beauty and courage. Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that wants our Love. ~Rumi

Our relationship with fear is the issue we dance around our entire life. It seems invisible to our conscious thoughts, but fear is what makes our inner world go around and around. We, as humans, unconsciously fight to keep this relationship with fear in tact at all times. We justify it, vivify it and adorn it with merit to provoke the emotional reactions that make us believe that we are dutiful, loyal and ever so blessed by sustaining fear as a matter of sensible, and even moral, living. Though we do take care to understand all of this, it is actually quite profound.

If you can be honest with yourself, you will realize that fear is the only element in your life that truly motivates you. While the fears that we can see and hear play an overt roll in our lives and minds, even more deadly are the subtle fears we hold deeply within that undermine our entire lifetimes. These deeply-held fears create indifference to realizing Love as our only true nature, our only real life.

Fear is nothing but an illusion the ego projects to captivate the attention of our thoughts. ~ Siraj

Most try to ignore fear while, at the same time, using to help them in their worldly life. They believe it not only protects them, but also entertains them! They use fear to feel a victim in order to justify being righteously hateful. Fear is also used to support the idea of their own self-importance through pride and selfishness, thus their fear transforms into a narcissism that entitles them the right to be deliberately unkind to anyone or anything that appears threatening.

Hence, they build their entire logic and reasoning system for survival based in the illusion of fear, using hate as a means to make their fears appear useful and absolutely necessary for both their survival and entertainment in this world.

The only antidote for LOVE. ~Siraj

We are here to have a direct experience with Love. Every moment of our life is filled with the opportunity for this blessing to occur. But, sad to say, most do not have the courage to experience it. What I have discovered throughout my 50+ years as a Teacher is that most of us are deeply fearful of Love.

The reason so few people can enter into an authentic spiritual practice is because it does not revolve around their notions of fear, which have infected their entire lives. A spiritual practice is not about overcoming fear and living happily ever after as so many desire. An authentic spiritual practice is about putting ourselves in a space where we can realize the delusion of the mind in order to liberate us from the illusions that manipulate how we think and what we believe.

Most people simply do not want this taken away, hence they settle for living as mere humans and suffer the consequences of being human. This forces Karma as a form of adversity until they mature beyond emotion into consciousness and allow Karma to open them up to the INTRINSIC LOVE they truly are.

You are a Love story that has yet to be known. ~ Siraj

Nothing will ever change in your life until you no longer wish to dance with the devil in the pale moonlight of fear. When you are “done” – you will realize what your mind could never reveal to you through fear. You are the Love that you so deeply seek.

Write down your most compulsive fears & observe how they might play out in your mind

Then watch how the mind works on this fear, how it amps it into belief & eventually into the life you live as a subtle absolute

All you need do is recognize this & begin to take the risk of letting Love bring you out of this dilemma

Be kind & forgiving in the face of everything that is taking you away from your Heart - do not fight with the mind & its “beliefs” or its fears

Just Love. Just Give. Just Forgive. Just Live. Just Breathe. Just Meditate. Just Eat. Just Walk. Just Cry. Just Laugh. Ah! Just….

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    Thank you for your constant reminder that
    It’s all about Love……..

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    Just do LOVE

    Thank you

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    Thank your Greg☮️

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