The Fault of Others

The Faults of Others

The Fault of Others

Plant…so that your own heart will grow. ~ Hafiz

We all have our faults, our defects as human beings. If one has a genetic history, which we all do, if one has a human body, which we all do and if one has a psychology, which we all do, then one has faults.

The question is not the matter of having faults, but the realization that not only do we all have them, but how they play out in our lives as the “maker” of our livingness. Can we embrace and feel the depth of compassion with those who bring about great emotional and mental friction through the psychological defects that our faults produce?

Can we be tolerant and kind enough to forgive those who annoy us with their faults as we equally annoy others with our own? ~ Siraj

The answer to this question depends upon what is in it for us. It is much easier to forgive a person in our tribe for their iniquities. But forgiving someone else who may have harmed a tribal member is much more difficult. DNA and genetics get involved, unconsciously, and it is a whole new ball game of retaliations through various forms of vengeance.

Keeping the science simple, we become predisposed to our genetic nature through various forms of habits and adopting lifestyles that awaken our ancient chemistry. IN turn, this chemistry begins the mechanisms of impulses that have been dormant from past lives. We actually live as genetic predispositions from the body that entered into our physical world as our ultimate fate and destiny.

Forgiveness is an absolute necessity to live here on earth.
To see the faults of others is to recognize our own faults and defects. We must stop ignoring them and realize how they propagate through our emotional body and into our minds as self-righteous indignation that perpetrates hate in our lives. The most typical emotional reaction is insult, and hence, we become defensive and ugly, never realizing what we are doing to humankind.

Forgiveness is not a genetic instinct as is hate and fear.
Authentic forgiveness is a matter of spiritual maturity and the culmination of living devoid of the friction that is caused by people who have faults, like us, and the avoidance of becoming judgmental through emotionality at all costs.

The human body holds the despair of all of our past lives in its vast mechanism.
The body produces many chemicals that ignite the chemistry of our emotional and mental predispositions, which lie deep within the human body in the form of our genetics.

Our physical bodies are portals (facilitators) of our past lives, and introduce into our current lifetime those elements that are most necessary for spiritual transformation. ~ Siraj

In this world, we are to move through many a metamorphosis in order to gain clarity about the meaning of this body, this life, and our place in this world we currently inhabit. We enter into this life experience as a matter of consequence, calling forth and enacting certain genetic dispositions that operate as the prime motivation of our behavior and beliefs, drawing to ourselves other people of consequence. These people of consequence come into our realm of living to bring either union or division.

The “union” may be in accelerating the emotional state of hate into our lives through genetic tendencies. Or, if we are willing to move beyond our genetic heritage, these people of consequence will help us separate from the pedestrian mentality of hate and fear, and offer us experiences that sustain spiritual maturity. Most of us miss this blessing because we meet everything that approaches us from the state of our genetic biology (Karma) as adversarial.

People and conditions come to rescue us, not punish us. ~ Siraj

People of consequence, by their very nature, will either entice us to join them in their spiritual light or seduce us back into spiritual ignorance. Each person has their own consequence; each brings to us the consequence that we will either recognize as a stepping-stone to Love or follow back to our pedestrian ways.

There are people, who would by their own chemistry, oppose ours and cause us the friction needed for retaliations and even violence for the sake of human and genetic survival. Nothing in this world is by accident. Everything is perfectly manufactured by either our unconscious mind or, if we seek awakening, our state of consciousness, which is an entirely different experience than the human mind can offer.

We draw to ourselves those who would both oppose and condone our genetic state of being. For the most part, our lives are all about biological chemistry and the power that the body has toward its own emotional origin – until a moment comes when we meet a person of destiny that is allowed to change everything within us.

This is very rare. Typically, when any we meet this person of destiny, we see them as an interloper to our mischief and excuse or disregard them quickly.

One of the Laws of this earthly plane is that 'like attracts like.' ~ Siraj

For example, people who are prone to pride will draw to themselves those who will challenge this pride. Through the chemicals that live latent in the body that are ignited through the threat of a seeming “enemy,” the need for dominance and survival will arise through emotionality. These emotions will spring into action as the warrior of “righteousness” and seek to fight the interloper away by any means possible.

The same mechanism is working when we think that we have a companion, mate or friendship. What makes these relationships possible is genetics and chemistry. Depending upon the levels of dopamine and the neurochemicals that work with neural activities of the brain, called neurochemistry, we make our “friends,” “lovers” and “enemies.” Not very romantic; not even very metaphysical. But factual.

People of 'consequence' offer to us a way out of our biological heritage and become a part of our life experience as Love. ~ Siraj

These people introduce our fate, as spiritual beings, and influence the way we live in this world for the sake of kindness rather than ruthless cruelty.

Jesus explained all of this to us. His words are of an ancient era that had an undiscovered, unappreciated science. If you are willing to read what he was teaching here, you will find, as I do, that he offers significant insight in a very simple and direct manner.

Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you.

Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.

Do not give dogs what is holy, and do not throw your pearls before pigs, lest they trample them underfoot and turn to attack you.

Human beings have faults. How we live with them in ourselves as well as others is the defining quality of our life in this world. ~ Siraj

Every little nuance of what we do becomes a part of the fabric of our lifetime. When we hold another person to their faults and human shortcomings, through our own pride, we instill within ourselves a poison and a barrier to our own joy. We refuse to realize that we are looking directly into the mirror of our own face when we see those who we believe are filled with faults! Most of us do not want to do any self-examination as this looks like criticism to the pedestrian mentality.

It takes great courage to realize the “beam” in our own eye. When we are patient and tolerant with our faults, which does not mean that we succumb to them, we realize these faults are simply impulses born from our genetics. Only then can we can overcome the noise in our minds and become responsible to the voice of the Heart.

Conscious living is being patient with all that is unresolved within us; to see the source of our pain and misery, and not blame it on others nor crucify the ego and its genetic background for its undaunted urges to survive at all costs.

Worry not! Every day, you will get a chance to change the flow of your life and lifetime. The wise are aware of this, the foolish only see each day as a matter of time and miss the entire experience.

Be wise, dear one.

The Practice is NOT a tool for survival - it is a lifestyle

Live in the solitude of your life koan and become silent

Silence is the answer

Mercy is what we came into these bodies for - it is the major principle of living here on earth that offers the medicine for spiritual awakening

The most important thing I can offer you: simply want no-thing with all of your Heart

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    Thank you for your insightful generosity in sharing with us.

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    Patience & Mercy.

    Just This

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