Self Examination

Self Examination

If people are good only because they fear punishment and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed. ~ Albert Einstein

Nothing is by accident. Everything is happening as a flow, as a state of Karma, that is pointing us at all times in the direction of Love like a flower seeking sunlight.

We never know when this “Karma” might show up to help us. Please remember that nothing in this lifetime is ever finished like we would choose to believe it is. Every action, no matter how long ago the deed was done, leads us to another and another consequence of Karma, which reflects the quality of energy that we have cultivated through many events in this world and our past lifetimes.

Karma follows us into everything we do in this life – never as punishment or reward, but as that glass ceiling that does not allow us to move forward into Love. The flavor and texture of everything we think, say and do affects the infrastructure of our life through Karma. Right now we are all creating what will happen in the next moment and the next and the many to come. What is done, what is enacted creates a synergy that becomes the energy that moves out into the cosmos and resonates back to us in many different forms of circumstances and conditions that reflect motive and intent. These energies become our state of living.

Hubris: Excessive pride or self-confidence. ~ Webster’s Dictionary

It is important to consider how important the hubris is to us and how it creates, through its arrogance, a great distance from Love. We create so many unnecessary and painful states of Karma through our hubris.

Karma does not punish, it does not reward. Karma reflects the state of our being that we have cultivated either through ignorance of the Laws that are in effect in the Universe or by the diligent surrender to them as Love. This “beingness” is comprised of our use of the mind to either be reflective of Love…or emotionality.  It is up to us as to how we use the state of our being in this world.

Love is the only true measure of maturity, the only measure of our living that matters. Authentic Love comes from humility. ~ Siraj

Most human beings confuse dignity with Divinity – they are NOT the same. Humility is not popular in most western religions. Religion is all about being “right” enough to have the power to get what we want beyond reproach. This concept and philosophy appeals to the mediocre mentality. What people ascribe to in their philosophies has a great deal to do with the state of their Karma in this lifetime.

When my beloved students are in some sort of spiritual bind where they cannot move forward, it is typically because they cannot feel their own need for remorse.  When I try to help them with forgiveness, they merely tell me that they had a justification for what they said and did. Hence, their hubris was more important than remorse.

So why is hubris more important than humility?  This is humankind’s biggest problem and it is not about anything other than pride. As humans we live by impulse and wit. We are susceptible to emotionality that makes us feel inferior so we use our aptitude for social survival and personal gain (selfishness) to excuse ourselves through our trumped up logic and reasoning that allows for self-righteous cruelty. As Einstein so aptly observed: “…we are a sorry lot indeed.” 

How do I tell people that Love is more powerful than hubris? I have tried for many years…and nothing has come of it. Nothing. This is why religions that preach and teach how to “get” and “hold” are seen as more valuable than the teachings of how to “release” and “let go.”  We want to “control” our lives in order to sustain our hubris. We don’t see this fact because we have become the fact itself. For instance, selfishness can’t realize it is selfishness,…thoughts can’t realize themselves as mere thoughts.  So we live in these delusions and simply add them to our hubris.

Ah, the Truth that sets us free is wordless because it is unconscionable. ~ Siraj

Forgiveness is like learning to balance yourself on a bicycle. You have to get on the bike and fall a few times before you get the feel of that indiscernible moment of true balance and just ride the bike without thinking about it.

Forgiveness is revealed in our lifestyle and not just in deliberate actions that were forged by insistent and incessant religious and moral beliefs. Forgiveness can never be an act separate from the way we live our life when no one is looking. Forgiveness is to realize the bigger picture of our life (Karma) and to realize that we need to live within ourselves a more conscious and compassionate lifestyle through unconscionable Love.

So you will have to begin your own journey, something that few are interested in, and begin to realize through meditation and spiritual practice that everything you do matters.  Everything is important and all efforts should be about unconscionable giving and forgiving.

Realize that you are not here to “fit in” to this culture and society that is so deeply ill - you are here to transcend!

Abandon defending and succumbing to your human emotionality and break the chains that keep you from letting authentic Love LIVE YOU

Humility is the antidote to everything in your lifetime

Remorse is a very worthy effort - live knowing what you have lived and done was unkind and unnecessary, and be willing to never allow it to happen through you again

Forgiveness is the aspect within you, spiritually speaking, that is awakened through authentic remorse and becomes the bridge to your Soul

  • Mary Roos
    Posted at 02:26h, 14 June Reply

    Thank you, Siraj

  • Michael Eidsmoe
    Posted at 06:29h, 14 June Reply

    Everything matters. Give and forgive. It is all about LOVE.

    Thank you

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