There comes a time in some people’s lives where they can no longer exist as they have. These people begin to seek that which has been seeking them for many a lifetime. These people feel the PULL to know why they are here and what the true meaning of themselves upon this lifetime and world is all about. To find that moment, that realization is a true honor and blessing that precious few ever truly experience in the course of a lifetime as they have been far too busy in desires, illusions and delusions. I have been working on this within myself as well as with students I have had over the past 45 years through many a venue, but the most important being that of Workshops and Retreats.

I call it the Process, because that is what we are in throughout this lifetime – we are in a Spiritual Process that few can recognize. This Process is a pause but more like an interruption to our pedestrian mentalities, which cause many to just be annoyed by the authenticity of it all.

In this very insightful series of Commentaries, I will be talking about everything that touches our lives, spiritually speaking, including meditation as well as those elements of living which includes the difficulty of beginning an authentic spiritual practice, to the consumption of meat and into the art of forgiveness through sex. I will help you through the many dilemmas of fear and hate that are so intrinsically important to us through our genetics and DNA.

Whatever is your cause, your life, your mentality...may this series of Commentaries serve you well. ~Siraj
This series is not for everyone, it will only be pertinent to those of you who truly seek the Way. I am offering to you this week, the opening Commentary in order to be in service of helping those of you who have not crossed over the line into a mind that has been divided by duality and thus making the mind a mere doorstop. Some of you might be insulted by these offerings, others of you may, take exception and still others could be inspired. It is a matter of inner maturity.
You are being offered the first Commentary as my gift to you.  These offerings are generally only available to Aspire Sponsors and Media Subscribers. I am offering you the first one as my gift to you.

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