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Our Mystery Donor will MATCH ALL GIFTS made to Aspire now thru January 2, 2023 which multiplies your gifts to be of even greater help. A gift of $25 becomes $50, a gift of $50 becomes $100, a gift of $250 becomes $500…and so on. The generosity of the Mystery Donor keeps Aspire viable through the difficult months of the year when donations are sparse. Without him, Aspire will end. Please honor his generosity by offering your own.

Aspire is not a religious movement, it is an opportunity to reunite you with the BREATH OF YOUR OWN SPIRIT. Aspire offers teachings and spiritual exercises that offer a profound sense of liberation from the mind, self-realization and spiritual awakening to restore your inner attentions to the spirit of Life itself.

For all that Aspire gives to so many, please give a gift to help. I am completely dedicated to serving you and the world through this work. Please help today…your generosity makes all the difference in helping Aspire continue to serve humankind.

Metta to you,
Siraj (Gregory Penn)

“Only in the consciousness of compassion
do we achieve the Way.” ~ Siraj

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