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Series 1 – The Reveal


Series 1 of the The Buddha Discourse Series


Series 1 – Discourses & Meditations

Siraj begins The Buddha Discourse Series with the choices we make in this lifetime that will affect our living…and, when lived well, will bring us to the meaning of life itself. These offerings are very important as we merge with the Heart and find the Way as Love. Listen to these offerings without emotion. If you are willing of this…understanding will bloom.

The Choice
Siraj offers insight into the Pure in Heart attitude as a choice for living.

Living With Our Thoughts
Must we listen to our thoughts? Must we ignore what it means to LIVE WITHIN? Siraj will help with this…

Hate Never Dispelled Hate
Living in the Way, we make our resolve like a warrior who seeks to stay firm in the commitment to Transformation.

Mastering Your Nature
Living to master the nature of your mind is essential and becomes the art of your living.

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