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Series 2-12 – The Tao Sacred Significance Discourses


The Way of the Universe that lives within


Series 2-12 – 44 Discourses & Meditations

When combined with Series 1 “The Tao” – Series 2-12 (a total of 44 Discourses) completes The Tao Sacred Significance Discourse Series.

The Tao is the absolute principle underlying the Universe as the source and ideal of all existence through non-action, simplicity and living in harmony with nature. It is unseen, but not transcendent; immensely powerful, yet supremely humble; the root of all things. Learning to awaken to this sacred wisdom is the Way of a lifetime that reveals great light. Each Discourse ends with a brief period of meditation. It is suggested that you listen to each Discourse at least 3 times per week.

This full set of 48 Discourses and Meditations is available for a donation of $720. Aspire cannot honor returns, so please be certain that you are devoted to this endeavor toward spiritual awakening. The following Discourse and Meditation series are included:

The Art of No-Thing
Few can realize the art of NO-THING. It is the basis for Lao-tzu’s teachings, and it permeates everything in this world. It is the core of Life itself. Within the following Discourses you will be offered simple approaches to the meaning of No-thing and how it might help you to realize the reveal of your lifetime in Love.
The Tao – Verse 50
These Discourses are all about how we live from birth to death, and how to end this cycle. Please understand that these offerings are not for everyone. If you are sincere and have a deep “pull” to end the cycle of birth and death…then these offerings will mean much to you.
What is true Virtue? Most people simply are not interested. Lying and cheating are now acceptable and expected. There are those who have made an art form of it all. The following Discourses are for those who truly seek the Way and develop, nurture and come into the Virtue that leads to being Noble.
The Tao of Goodness
The following offerings are not to be listened to cavalierly. They are for those who seek the true meaning of goodness. We must be the goodness we give. Listen to these offerings with your Heart, and you will find a true transformation in your lifetime.
The Duality of the Human Mind
We enter into a deep and profound sense of reality, which is sometimes referred to as duality of the human mind. The difficult is born in the easy. The following Discourses are the epitome of paradox, which brings the unity of Love and being together into the oneness of goodness.
Letting Go
Here is one of the most simplest and most important teachings of the Tao. You will find these offerings deeply helpful if you are truly sincere about realizing the true meaning of your life and your living.
The Tao – Verse 12
These simple and yet pungent offerings will help you to put aside the peripheries of the ego and allow for an entirely new experience in this lifetime. It can be done by any of us when we are willing to penetrate past the assumptions of the ego.
The Tao – Verse 3
Only the very mature will be able to understand these Discourses. They turn everything we can think of as “normal”…upside down. Listen to these offerings absent of the “knowing” ego.
The Tao – Verse 13
These Discourses are the single most important in The Tao series up to now. If you can listen to these offerings, you will find that still point of insight that will bring about a profound sense of consciousness. Listen to these with great focus and as far removed as possible from the mind that you have inherited.
The Tao – Verse 7
These teachings are about manifestation – how things come into existence in this lifetime and this world. Pay close attention to the essence of the meaning being offered here and much can happen.
The Tao – Verse 41
This is a very important series of Discourses. It will separate the sincere from the insincere. These Discourses will be most important to your life. May they serve you well.

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