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The Karma Commentaries: Year Two

Samsara Karma

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By: Gregory E. Penn
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I teach my students what they cannot believe nor understand with their human minds. The offerings in this book come from many lifetimes where I have struggled with the human and the Divine and come out with the influence of the Divine through compassion and loving kindness.

These are my Commentaries during the second year of work with students who are infected with fear and, hence, live through hatred. The offerings in this bookare to help liberate you from the fear of life and allow Life as Love to live you. Do not just read this book…listen to the gaps between my words. It is here that the true meaning of what I am teaching is revealed.

This book is not for all of you. It is for those who seek and can know that which is unknowable. I am honored that it might be in your hands now. Live for those things that you can take with you through death.

Subjects covered in this book include:

Our Year of Samsara Karma: A New Year Insight
The Human Heart
The Path of Consequence
The End of Birth and Death
Our Impact on Others
Too Comfortable
On The Edge of The Forest
What Difference Does It Make?
Why Nothing Changes
Money As Love
Sick of The Sickness
The Lifestyle of Kindness

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