Donation21-300Aspire is about offering spiritual insight to those who seek to move beyond the arrogance of a mind based in fear. Aspire offers programs on both radio and television that break with the typical convention of religion, which is based in fear.

Every week, Aspire donates Breath Journals, Discourses and Meditation CDs to prisons, rest homes and hospices, where people cannot afford help. It is only through your tax-deductible donations that this kind of service is allowed.

Gregory Penn is Aspire. He has no staff to pay and works with his loving students to make all of these blessings possible, such as this very website. Your donation is not squandered on staff – everything here is done by volunteers and every penny of every donation goes directly toward serving humankind through radio, TV programs, Commentaries, the Breath Journal, monthly Discourses, Hospice work, etc.

Aspire is you, in a form that many ignore. The word Aspire means breath of spirit and that is exactly what you are. The very Breath of the Spirit that is Love, which you have been looking for all of your life. Please help us sustain Aspire and allow this message of Love and freedom to expand to all those who seek…as you do.

All donations are tax deductible and you will be sent a receipt for income tax purposes.

For all that Aspire has given to so many of you…please make your donation to help. I am completely dedicated to serving you through this work. Please help Aspire today.

Metta to you,


“I wish to thank you for Aspire. The Meditations and Discourses feed my soul. With your program I am able to go at my own pace and not make forced changes but allow the changes to come naturally. From personal experience I can appreciate your hard work and dedication to your vision, Aspire. For this I will forever be thankful.”
Cathy – San Diego, CA