Beloved Friends…..

The video above is my annual gift to you. It begins with a wonderful Zen story, Easy, crafted especially for you. I thank Gloria Shaw and Wendy Loftin for their beautiful work to make all of this possible.

Every year Aspire must renew radio and other contracts in order to sustain service to humankind. Your Year End donations are the ONLY way we can continue to do this.

Whatever Love touches…multiplies and becomes BEAUTIFUL. ~Siraj

Beginning today through December 31, 2019, our Mystery Donor will match your tax-deductible Year End donations dollar for dollar to help Aspire sustain itself.

A gift of $25 becomes $50, a gift of $50 becomes $100…and so on. The generosity of the Mystery Donor keeps Aspire viable through the difficult months of the year when donations are sparse. Without him, Aspire will end. Please honor his generosity by offering your own.


He will also match all new Sponsorships. Our Sponsorship program, which offers monthly and quarterly donation options, is the life blood of Aspire. So if you choose to become an Aspire Sponsor by December 31, 2019, your monthly or quarterly Sponsorship donation will be matched by our Mystery Donor, which means your gifts will go twice as far to help Aspire sustain its service to humankind in 2020!

Your gifts transform lives. ~Siraj

Aspire serves thousands of people worldwide via the Internet who come to watch, read and listen to its insights through Aspire TV programs, Satsang Radio Programs, Commentaries, Podcasts and Videocasts, Monthly Messages, Discourses, Breath Journals and more.

Please help sustain Aspire so Gregory can continue his service to the people at Hospice and to children he and his students will be serving throughout the upcoming year. Every penny of your donation is used to help someone in this world, be they young and in need of food and clothing…or ill and preparing to leave their bodies. Everything counts – everything matters.

Please do not wait to give…every moment and every penny counts. Please be generous to those who need your help.

Thank you for your understanding.
In Love and service to you,
Chaitanya Siraj
Gregory Penn, DD