A Life Worth Living


A Life Worth Living

It was Socrates who said, “The unexamined life is not worth living,” and how true this is. Most people do not know how to examine their lives without being harsh and cruel through judgment. This series will help you find that place where you can effectively discover the loving meaning of Life that lives within you this very moment. Every moment of your Life is sacred and is offering you far more than just mere survival. If you have ever wondered what your Life is all about and the meaning of your own presence within the Life you are living, then this series might be very helpful to your loving insights of mercy and compassion. Your life is calling you to come and dance in the music of the Soul!

A very special set of Discourses is also available that encapsulates everything offered in this TV series as well as additional teachings and Zen stories. These Discourses have far more information and insight than can be included in these programs due to television time constraints. All Aspire TV Discourse Sets are FREE to Sponsors of Aspire.

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