We Know Not What We Do


We Know Not What We Do

It seems that now, more than ever, violence has become a way of life for so many people in this world. Our violence is not always overt! Most of it is subtle and is a result of spiritual ignorance of what creates and sustains personal violence. You will find this series deeply helpful, if you are not easily insulted. You must listen with a deep sense of willingness of Spirit and not from the desires of logic and reasoning, which rationalize pain into cruelty. Gregory offers this series to you in honor of your Heart and Soul.

A very special set of Discourses is also available that encapsulates everything offered in this TV series as well as additional teachings and Zen stories. These Discourses have far more information and insight than can be included in these programs due to television time constraints. All Aspire TV Discourse Sets are FREE to Sponsors of Aspire.

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