Passing Through The Fires


Passing Through The Fires

This series offers the chance to understand the essence of an authentic spiritual practice. You will find the topics to be very helpful when it comes to building a spiritual practice based on meditation and Love. There is no other television program on the air that takes such a daring step as this one. Gregory teaches from the great Masters such as Buddha, Lao-tzu and Jesus (from his teachings in the Book of Thomas). This is a “no holds barred” series. You will learn the price you must pay to have a spiritual practice.

A very special set of Discourses is also available that encapsulates everything offered in this TV series as well as additional teachings and Zen stories. These Discourses have far more information and insight than can be included in these programs due to television time constraints. All Aspire TV Discourse Sets are FREE to Sponsors of Aspire.

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