Nobody Likes You Anyway


Nobody Likes You Anyway

From the moment you were born, you were constantly told what you had to be to be loved. You were taught to get love and happiness from the outer world. Whether it be conscious or unconscious, most people are looking for Love in ALL the wrong places. Living to improve your life through the world is called self esteem. This method will never bring you to Love. Love has nothing to do with how others treat you. If you are tired of trying to get Love from people, objects and things…you are ready for self acceptance. Discover how to find the Love you seek from within yourself. Gregory is playful and very direct in these programs…they are for the courageous seeker.

A very special set of Discourses is also available that encapsulates everything offered in this TV series as well as additional teachings and Zen stories. These Discourses have far more information and insight than can be included in these programs due to television time constraints. All Aspire TV Discourse Sets are FREE to Sponsors of Aspire.

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